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Goddess of Victory Nikke – Should You Pull For Moran?

Goddess of Victory Nikke – Should You Pull For Moran?
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If you did the Sakura event in Goddess of Victory Nikke or are up to date with the latest story, you’ve likely met Moran, the adorable airheaded leader of the Peony group. Even though she’s a crime syndicate boss, there’s no one with a bigger heart. However, should you pull for her or wait for her to go into the general pool? Here’s our thoughts.

Is Pulling For Moran Worth It?

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moran from Nikke
Credit to Shift Up

Your choice to get Moran or not should not fully be dependent on meta but one of if you truly want her. If a character is your favorite and you love them, that should be the only thing that matters – never listen to anyone on Reddit or Discord servers that tell you to pull for meta only.

Moran’s Kit In Nikke

Moran’s skills make her awkward to have as a Burst I unit because of her skills. Burst I units like Rapunzel, Pepper and Mary are supposed to be the supporters for the other units. Moran is very hard to use for that because her skills are very selfish and boost mostly only herself. Because of that, she has the tendency to be a little too fragile for use in late game content. If you’re Burst I unit dies, you can’t use any of the other Nikkes bursts (unless you happen to have Red Hood), so it’s important to keep them alive. However, if you’re just playing early game content and only have a few minutes, she’ll work fine for that.

Can You Use Moran In PvP?

If you’re a hardcore PvP player, you should pull for Moran because she can keep herself alive with her skills in that setting. If you invest in her, you can rack up some serious stats in the Arena and earn lots of coins in the process. People who haven’t unlocked that area yet or don’t do a lot of competitive play won’t get a ton of use out of her, so if she isn’t your favorite, just hold on to your currency for now.

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Goddess of Victory Nikke – Should You Pull For Moran?