God Punch: Idle Defense Guide: Tips & Cheats To Maximizing DPS

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The God of Chaos Abyss grows maniacal with power, and he seeks to throw the universe into disarray. In a last ditch effort to stop him, Gaia, the God of Order, creates a small godling known as “Zero” imbued with special powers. With time, Zero will grow strong enough to stop Abyss and save the entire galaxy!

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God Punch: Idle Defense is a cosmic idle game where you travel the cosmos to defeat all of Abyss’s underlings and rid of the universe of his influence. You will defeat astral foes and power up in the process, and even gain some allies on your side.

In our God Punch: Idle Defense tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basic mechanics of the game and how to maximize your DPS output. Let’s get started with our God Punch: Idle Defense cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to maximizing DPS!

Fighting and Collecting Core

As Zero travels through the universe, he will automatically fight Abyss’ corrupted meteors as they approach him. When they are defeated, they will drop “core,” the essence of all planetoids. This is the main currency of the game, and you will be collecting a LOT of it.

Every planet in the game is divided into stages. Every ten stages you will move onto a new planet and fight deadlier enemies with better rewards. This is the main flow of the game – keep fighting to collect core, upgrade your team, and push forward!

Protect Earth

Zero carries the entire Earth on his back as he travels, and you can actually see it peeking up a little bit at the bottom of the screen. You must protect Earth at all cost, since it is the only way to restore the universe. Be sure to use your skills to deal some big damage to keep enemies away!

The blue thin meter at the top of the screen represents how much health the Earth’s shields has left. If an enemy manages to reach all the way towards the shield at the bottom of the screen, it will begin to take damage. If the shield breaks completely and an enemy reaches Earth, Zero will be kicked back to the previous stage, forcing him to redo it.

The Earth’s shields will regenerate on their own if they are left alone for alone for long enough, but if enemies are able to get to the shields in the first place, that usually means it is time for some upgrading.

Upgrading with Core

Zero can be upgraded using core. This will increase his damage per second, or DPS. This is the most basic form of upgrading Zero and it should be done constantly, as it will be your main source of damage.

Eventually later on, you will begin unlocking Minigods. Minigods are helpful little elemental sprites that will team up with Zero to help him face the Abyssal threat. Minigods will add to your total DPS as well, as they attack by flinging little spells at enemies.


Zero and the Minigods also have active skills that must be manually activated. Zero’s Smash Punch, his starting skill, lets him deal a massive blow to the nearest enemy. It has a 5 second cooldown, so you can use it fairly often. Skills are great way to temporary boost your DPS, but you need to be around to make the most of them.

If you are challenging a particularly hard stage, it helps to be around so that you can use your DPS boosting skills and give yourself the edge you need.

When to Rebirth

Eventually, you will unlock an ability called Rebirth. This will reset Zero and the minigods’ level to 1 and your progress to stage 1, but you will earn a special currency known as divine essence. This is the only way divine essence can be earned. You will also earn either a random minigod or seal as well.

Divine essence can be spent on permanently upgrading Zero and the minigods so that they do not lose power between rebirths. The tricky thing is knowing when to do so, as rebirthing too early will result in less than substantial gains.

So, when SHOULD you rebirth? It is ultimately up to you, but a good measure to do is to go at least an hour since your last rebirth. Before you commit to it, you will see the divine essence you will earn, so you can double check if it will be worth it.

Advanced Upgrading Zero

When Zero is enhanced with divine essence, his stats will get a huge increase. As you progress through the game, you may advance “divine tiers” when you perform your next rebirth. When this happens, Zero will take on a new form that will unlock new skills for him.

When the skills are unlocked, you must purchase them with golden core, the premium currency of the game. You can get more golden core by completing the in-game achievements, so keep an eye out for those.

Zero can also be equipped with seals. Seals provide passive buffs to Zero, and they persist between rebirths, making them a worthy investment. They do things like grant attack power, increase the strength of your minigods, and more.

You will not find any for a while, but Zero can also equip various pieces of gear you will come across. These work just like the seals do, so go ahead and equip them as soon as you get them.

Advanced Upgrading Minigods

Just like Zero, minigods can be permanently upgraded using divine essence. Make sure you spread out your divine essence evenly so that neither Zero nor your minigods get neglected and miss out on upgrades.

Minigods can also “transcend,” which drastically increases their stats and unlocks a new passive skill for them. To transcend, you need duplicates of the minigod you want to boost and golden core. Be sure to transcend any minigods you can, as the passive skills are very helpful.

Minigods can also be praised if you have praise points and origin shards. We are not entirely sure what this does, but it cannot be bad, right? If you have the extra origin shards to spare, you can praise your minigods. Speaking of which…

Head into the Elements Galaxy

Origin shards is required to upgrade seals and praise your minigods. You can earn origin shards from the 5-elements galaxy, which unlocks once you progress far enough. Only ONE type of elemental galaxy is open per day, so keep that in mind.

  • Monday: Dark Galaxy
  • Tuesday: Fire Galaxy
  • Wednesday: Water Galaxy
  • Thursday: Wood Galaxy
  • Friday: Light Galaxy
  • Saturday and Sunday: All Galaxies are open

You start the day off with 10 entries. Every time you enter one of the galaxies, you will spend an entry. When you run out, you have to wait for them to regenerate before you can head into one of them again. To keep up with your shards, be sure to use your ten entries a day.

Upgrading Earth

You can spend core to upgrade Earth. Earth remains persistent between rebirths, so try to save some of your core for Earth. When you upgrade Earth, your passive core gain per 5 seconds increases.

Earth starts out as a nebula, but upgrading the bar all the way will make it eligible for promotion. When you promote, you go up a tier, as indicated by the number next to the name of the current stage. When you go up a tier five times, the next time you are promoted you will advance into the next era (this costs divine essence), which grants you a permanent +5% core gain from all sources.

You current upgrade progress on Earth is lost when you rebirth, so if you are going to rebirth, dump all of your remaining core into Earth to see if you can get one more tier increase before you go.

That’s all for God Punch: Idle Defense. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below.

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God Punch: Idle Defense Guide: Tips & Cheats To Maximizing DPS

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