Are you looking for some Goblin’s Shop cheats and tips? This is the place to be if you do: Goblin’s Shop is a mobile game with an awesome concept: you are a goblin who runs a shop for all the monsters in the area. You are responsible for crafting all the goodies in the shop, but also for collecting the required materials for crafting – and you do that by adventuring in human lands and stealing products. All in all, an amazing experience with great visuals and easy controls, one that keeps you glued to your phone’s display for ages.

And we’re here to help make that experience even better by sharing some Goblin’s Shop cheats and tips with you. There are some things that you might not know, so make sure you read them all – your shop will get in better shape if you follow our suggestions and you’ll build some nice teams along the way. So let’s not waste any second and let’s check out some Goblin’s Shop tips and cheats below!

Keep Your Shelves Stocked
Always try to keep your shelves stocked and filled with varied items: so instead of having 4 of the same item on the same shelf, try to have 4 different products on display. This increases your chances of selling something to each customer that visits.

Craft in advance
You can also craft items in advance: they will be held in the depository and you’ll have the option to display them once other products are sold. You have to do this manually, though as they are not transferred automatically from the depository when new spots become available.

Tap customers in the shop
When a customer is already in your shop, you can tap them and you’ll go to them and recommend them something to buy. This increases the chances of them actually buying something of value since you can recommend particular items.

Keep an eye out for thieves
Thieves are usually easy to spot: they move faster even before entering your shop. Once they steal an item, quickly tap them. They will drop the item and run away. Just move over the item and you’ll get it back!

Buy new members for your team
Don’t do like I did and save your gems for god knows what. Invest early on in getting 2-3 team members in total and everything will be a lot easier for you. Visit the town and then the tavern and hire two extra people. Make sure that their stats are good and they offer real value to your team (usually, those who remain invisible are pretty much useless in my opinion).

If you can’t find good team members, you can always wait a bit. But the golden rule of thumb here is that the sooner you get them, the better because they will gain experience during battle and level up, making it easier for you in the future. I delayed getting new members a lot and it was difficult to progress from a point on.

Take on special orders with care
Some special orders are more difficult to complete than others. I would recommend taking them with care as you are dealing with a ton of potential rewards and it seems that you can only have one active order at a time. Therefore, don’t be afraid to reject a special order if you don’t think you can do it. Another offer will come sooner rather than later and the easier they are to complete, the faster you’ll go through them, getting more and more in return.

You can cancel crafting orders
If you want to cancel a crafting order for whatever reasons, simply tap the crafting table while you’re crafting. A menu will pop up asking if you want to cancel it.

Hold sales promotions
Sales promotions can be extremely good ways to boost your income. These will draw many customers for a short period of time, and in order to maximize revenue, you should have all your shelves filled with high quality items, and several backed up in the depository.

You can close your shop at any given time – just tap the table with the red button on it (near the depository) and you have the option to close the doors. Do so, craft the items you need to fill up your shelves, then open and hold a sales promo, then enjoy the tons of profits!

Spending skill points
There are a ton of skills that you can invest your hard earned skill points in, and you should have a pretty solid plan from the beginning because resetting those points costs 15 diamonds. How to invest them is a really tricky part. Therefore, I recommend taking the time to actually read all of them and see where you’d like your focus to be invested in, because investing in all is not a good idea and you should only focus on several areas, simply because you will never have enough points to make a difference in all areas.

My suggestion is to invest for a while in non-crafting skills: I recommend going for Archeology for a few levels in order to increase the number of chests you find during explorations, then spend a few more in Friendship in order to find more helping hands during adventures. I would then increase the Fame skill a bit in order to get more customers.

Eventually, you will have to start investing in crafting skills. The easier to handle is the Potions skill since it has just one branch – I would start with it, then choose either the weapons or armor and focus on it as well, all while throwing the random point to other skills in the mean time.

Some skills I wouldn’t recommend investing in are the ones coming after archeology (you will simply get more resources by doing more explorations, no point in wasting points on minor increases, especially since you’re getting great bonuses from the extra chests anyway). I would only invest one point in Monitor skill (for catching thieves), and just because we want to open the Calm upgrade in case it’s needed. I would also ignore the Speecher branches for a long time.

How to win all adventures
Going on adventures (explorations) is the only easy way to get materials for your crafting. Things are pretty simple early on when you only have a few recipes and few materials are needed, but they will get more complicated as you progress. Therefore, getting the most out of each adventure is extremely important.

Remember: if your character dies during the adventure, you will lose a big part of the loot you have collected. That is why it’s extremely important to try and find the exit no matter what, even if you have no chances of getting more. So this is the most important thing: always try to exit the area by finding the sign.

When exploring, make sure that you set your followers to attack mode and move slowly, so that they are always facing the direction from where enemies will come. Even if you find them first, retreat quickly and your followers will take care of the rest.

Don’t forget that finding new monsters during explorations is not only beneficial for that particular mission (because you have an extra soldier fighting for you), but also for your shop because that monster will unlock in the city and become a potential customer for your store. So whenever you see a new monster (or even one you have already unlocked), tap them as they will follow.

Don’t forget that you have the pole – an item that will regenerate some health for your allies. Use it when their health is low ow when facing multiple enemies, but make sure you place it close by to them so that they get the effect. I never found a map large enough so that I could use the totem twice, so make sure that you use it when it matters the most. You can also use it after a fight – gather your followers together, instruct them to hold position and place the totem until they are healed. You can see their health bar above their heads.

Get free Crystals
To the extreme right in your shop, there is a crystal ball: tap it and you can watch a video ad. Afterwards, you will receive a few free crystals. They come in handy – and it’s a feature the game doesn’t tell you about, but it’s worth abusing.

This would be it in terms of tips and tricks for Goblin’s Shop. This is a beautiful game that deserves a lot of attention, so make sure that you play it an enjoy it and get the most out of it. And if you have additional advice for fellow players, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. I find that in order to efficiently manage your resources, it is best to only have 8 VIP’s (4 melee and 4 ranged) so that you can focus on giving hem the best equipment possible without stretching your resources too thin.

    • Make sure all VIPS have a Giant, Ressurect and Healing potion and quickly run through the level killing all enemies but don’t collect any materials. Then that should make the killing the boss easier and then go back and collect materials after.

  2. am I missing out on something when unlocking a new map? Kinda stuck at map 24 for some reason. I’ve been clearing the map so many times but still no new map :(


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