Dash through a constantly shifting world in Glitch Dash, a super challenging runner! Dodge hammers, blocks, lasers, spikes, and more as the glitchy world around you changes in a heartbeat. Your reflexes and timing skills will be put to the ultimate test, but thankfully our Glitch Dash cheats and tips will help you throughout this grievous journey!

Glitch Dash is all about practice, timing, memorization, and most importantly patience! If you’ve got those down, then you’re already off to a great start. For the rest of us, our Glitch Dash cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide will help you start off!

Ignore the gems!

During a run, you’ll sometimes see glowing purple gems floating in hard-to-reach spots. If you’re just trying to simply survive the run and beat the level, it’s best to ignore these gems and just focus on running. Gems are solely for bragging rights – if you grab all of them on a single level and complete it, you’ll get a “perfect run” bonus.

Other than that, there’s nothing else to them. You can’t spend them on any cool power ups or anything like that, so feel free to ignore them entirely. They’re usually set up to kill you anyways, and we can’t have that!

Run over switch pads!

Sometimes you’ll see green circles on the ground with arrows inside of them. These are switch pads – running over them will cause an object in front of you to rotate, opening different paths for you to take. You should run over these when you see them, as often times you’ll need to rotate something to open the path ahead. Missing these pads can spell doom for you, so be careful!

Switch to 60FPS!

Are you having trouble with the timing in the game? Does the game feel unresponsive or sluggish at all? These problems and more can usually be solved by setting the max FPS to 60. By default, the game is set to run at 30FPS. You can go into the settings to bump this up to 60FPS, and the difference is night and day.

Since the game runs much smoother, you should be able to land your jumps with better precision. Of course a higher framerate comes with more power consumption, so if the game starts to skip a bit you may want to consider lowering the quality.

Watch out for hammers!

Obstacles will phase in and out of your way as you progress through the level, but there’s one nasty trap that can end your run in the blink of an eye: the hammer! You’ll get a sneak peek of them in the “Arctic” and “Sky” levels, but hammers aren’t really a problem there – you just run past them.

It’s when you get to “Twitch” when these things become bloodthirsty and will actively try to crush you. Up to that point, you’ve only seen them spawn on the side. Now, they’ll try to spawn facing you, hoping to crush you. We’ll be honest – you will more than likely get crushed the first time you encounter this, so you’ll need to memorize the layout of the level to know when it’s coming.

When the hammers spawn from the side, they’ll try to spawn at weird times so that you run into them as they’re still lifting up. You’ll need to dash around to the side to get around them quickly. It’s tricky, but the timing will come to you with enough practice.

That’s all for Glitch Dash. If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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