The music lives on in Glee Forever! Glee Forever is a rhythm-based music game that tests your timing and your sense of rhythm to classic songs. You’ll sometimes follow scenes from the hit TV series. You will also be in charge of creating your own show choir with characters from the show, and we’re here to help you with getting the rarest performers with our Glee Forever cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Let the game optimize your performers!

Each song has a “type” to it. You can tell what it is by looking at the color of the song box. You’ll see stuff like pink hearts, blue drops, red fires, and so forth. This is an indicator of what kind of notes you’ll see during the song. Performers can also have a type, and if they match the type of the note, you’ll get bonus points! Before you perform a song, the game will automatically choose the best performers for the song you’re doing.

2. Perform well!

You can get a possible three stars on each song. During your performance, you can see how close you are to each star by looking at the points meter at the top. For every star you get, you’ll be rewarded with a story card, which can net you additional story tokens (the silver coins), booster cards, and other awesome goodies.

3. Complete all of a song’s performance achievements!

Each song on each difficulty level has nine performance achievements for you to tackle. They’re broken down into three categories: score, combo, and complete. Each category has a bronze, silver, and gold reward to it. The better you do in that category, the better your reward, so getting a high score will get you the gold reward in the score category. You will get stage ups for your performers, story tokens, and booster cards.

4. Replay a song!

Of all the possible performance achievements, the complete category is the most important one. If you complete a song five times, you’ll earn five glee coins, the premium currency of the game! Keep in mind that you can do this for one song across all four difficulty levels, and the amount of glee coins increases by five! So if you do the complete achievement on a single song on all four difficulty levels, you can earn a total fifty glee coins from one song!!

5. Always do the goals!

The goals can be checked at any time on the main menu. These goals are your typical missions, like complete a song on a certain difficulty level. Aside from completing the performance achievements, this is the second best way to earn glee coins to get rare performers. Always try to complete your daily goal too!

6. Save your glee coins for Premium Superpack!

You have two options when it comes to spending your glee coins: premium chance and premium superpack. The premium chance only costs 50 glee coins and buys one rare or better performer. The super pack costs 500 glee coins and gets you ten rare or better performers PLUS a hall pass. Hall passes are an extra rare currency that are required for the guaranteed superstar pack, which costs 10 hall passes. The guaranteed superstar is the grants you a super rare performer or better, so you should only buy the premium superpacks!

That’s all for the Glee club! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!

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  1. U use the silver coins to buy just regular preformers, what is o is save up to like 3000 silver coins then go buy regular preformers , it’ll say how many u can get, and that way u can stage up ur players , and when u fully staged up one till give u ten gold coins, if it’s a rare or better and it’s fully leveled up u get more coins.

  2. I just bought two single packs from glee forever store with my gold coins but haven’t received the cards or don’t know where they put them help or does it take awhile before u get them?

  3. The boots cards will never go away and all u gotta do is just click on one of ur show choir people and it’ll say boost and that’ll boost your people


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