Glacier Rush is a brand new skill based game available on the iPhone and iPad and we are here to share with you a complete set of Glacier Rush cheats and tips for the ultimate strategy guide, hopefully helping you get as close as possible to the 500 points mark.

So even though in theory the game is simple: collect with your dolphin/whale/unicorn mix as many fishes as possible without hitting the falling blocks of ice, in reality the game is really difficult so a little help can always matter. So check out below the Glacier Rush tips and tricks to get an insane high score!

1. Focus on surviving
Fishies come and go, but your blue dolphin has just one life, so its best to preserve it for as long as possible. Don’t worry if you don’t get all the fish and don’t make it a priority: fish will always come back, so focus on surviving. This is your main goal!

2. Go for a fish rush whenever possible
Every now and then a larger fish will appear on your screen. Try to get it because it triggers a fish rush, which means that there will be a lot of fishes flooding the screen. A great way to get a super high score, but don’t forget about the first tip!

3. Watch the movement of the falling blocks
All the falling ice blocks rotate and if you check out their movement, it will become easier and easier for you to squeeze through. Just look at how the blocks move, find the area with the widest opening and squeeze through it. Rinse and repeat until you get the biggest score on earth.

4. Practice
The more you practice, the better you get at the game. Check out the video below to see my evolution in the first minutes of gameplay: from not even knowing that I can swipe to getting a nice score:

I practiced even more since the video was recorded and now I can constantly get over 100, while my high score sits at 169. The more you play, the better you get at this game!

So these would be our Glacier Rush tips and tricks, I really hope that you will find them useful and put them to good use. Good luck!


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