Following the massive success that Pokemon Go had, it’s no surprise to see other big names try making a run to augmented reality. We’ll get a Harry Potter AR game soon (and we already have Maguss) and I’m sure many other franchises will give it a shot to. One of them is Ghostbusters, as Sony has just announced Ghostbusters World to the… world.

Ghostbusters World is an augmented reality game that seems to take a lot from Pokemon Go’s concept: using your phone, you will roam your city trying to capture ghosts for fame and glory. And, probably, to get fit because a ghost buster has to stay fit too!

Unfortunately, as it is the case with these announcements, we know very little in terms of actual details about the upcoming game. Fortunately, the developers have launched an extremely short gameplay video showing a player capture a very well known ghost from the franchise:

And it seems that we won’t really miss anything in terms of ghost in the game as we’ll have a ton of them: ghosts from all dimensions of the franchise, including the films, TV shows, comic books, theme parks, and video games are planned to virtually roam the streets of your city, while brand new ones created specifically for the game will be introduced.

Apart from that, there are no actual gameplay details, though so we’ll have to wait a little bit before getting them. Most likely, things will play very much like Pokemon Go, with you having to explore your city and get to important spots where you will have to battle these ghosts, while other spots will most likely have various items that will help you in your quest to capturing ghosts.

Ghostbusters World is scheduled to be released sometime in 2018 on both Android and iOS. So it will be sooner rather than later that you will know who you’re goona call: yourself!


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