Who ya gonna call? The Ghostbusters have finally hit the mobile scene with Ghostbusters: Slime City for iOS and Android! In this fast-paced cover shooter, you will be playing as a new Ghostbusters recruit. The ghosts are at it again and New York City is in trouble! Slime City is part city management, part card collecting, and part shooter. Quite the game, huh? You will be running your city facilities to earn cash to buy new cards and packs, so you can tackle the ghosts in the shooting segments. Read on to see how to become the best Ghostbuster in our Ghostbusters: Slime City cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Feed your daily Slimer!


Your friendly neighborhood ghost Slimer likes to hang out around the hot dog stand every day. Once every day, you can go to the hot dog stand and feed Slimer as many hot dogs as you can in the time limit. The more hot dogs you feed, the more cash you will receive. If you do really well, you might even earn some gold, the premium currency of the game. Make sure you check in at least once every day to get your Slimer bonus!

2. Check your other bonuses!

In addition to Slimer, make sure you check in every now and then to collect the money made from your R&D Facility. Be sure to keep an eye on your total money, and make sure your Liberty Bank is upgraded enough to hold all of the money. If you are approaching your limit, start upgrading your facilities to make sure you do not waste any cash! Your free reward also can be claimed every couple of hours, so do not miss that as well. Free rewards contain pretty good cards for you.

3. Replay the Reward Box levels!

When you get to Floor 8, you will have to find and open a reward box. You fight through the ghosts as usual, but when you get to the end you will be presented with about fifteen boxes. You can tap one and take the contents inside, but that is it. If you want to open the other boxes, you will need to replay the level multiple times until you can open all of them. It is quite time consuming but it is worth it if you want to collect more cards, experience, and pack parts.

4. Look for the Pack Parts!

To upgrade your Proton Packs, you will need the cash obviously, but in order to unlock the upgrade in the first place you need the appropriate amount of pack parts. Keep in mind that there are different types of packs and each one has its own unique parts, meaning that proton pack parts will not unlock additional upgrades for the Electron Pack. You can get pack parts from opening card packs or playing the appropriate level. Make sure to check the possible rewards list before jumping into a level!

5. Reload manually!

Try to get into the habit of reloading manually. You do not want to be caught out in a wave of new ghosts with little to no charge left on your pack! Just simply tap the green button at the bottom left corner. It is helpful to use one hand to shoot the ghosts while keeping your other hand on the reload button for fast reloading. When your ghostbuster is moving between areas, that is usually the best time to reload.

6. Take cover when you can!

Do not rush! Rushing is the fastest way to get slimed by the hordes of ghost. When you enter a new area and you see a lot of ghosts around, they will almost open fire immediately and try to cover you in a rain of bullets. Take cover initially, then when you see an opening, pop out and do as much damage as you can. Remember – you do not usually have a time limit to abide by so take your time, take cover when you need to, and try to minimize as much damage as possible.

7. Try out the Contracts!

Contracts are side missions that you can take on once you have reached level 5. Contracts are generally a bit tougher than the normal missions, but the rewards are better. If you are having trouble with the regular missions or you just need some extra parts or cash, try taking on a contract. You can only do the easy ones at first, but you can upgrade the contract building to hold more challenging contracts.

That’s all for Ghostbusters: Slime City. Got any other ghostbusting techniques or tricks? Let us know in the comments below!



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