Hot off the heels of its recent one year anniversary event last month, comes MU Origin’s new game-changing update. Bringing with it plenty of subtle gameplay tweaks that help improve the user experience and a new max character level.

Cry Wolf Battle, Soul Gem, Dice Hunter, and even a new server dungeon awaits all MMORPG adventurers still hankering to get their fill of MU’s world, but where’s the best place to start? To help out, we’ve put together a “what’s what” for all of the latest update’s new game modes and features in this handy guide.

Cry Wolf Battle

A new real-time server guild siege that tasks players to find the true warlord of the MU Continent, Cry Wolf Battle sees you and your guild attempting to conquer as many Forts as possible in the bid to be successful. You’ll be able to jump in on the action providing that your guild level is at least level 5, gaining more and more rewards as you progress ever closer to earn the coveted title of lord of the fort, Wolf Warlord and Wolf Guardian.

Sound good? It’s easy enough to register for attack. You simply need to select the registration button any time between 0:00 – 19:55 or 20:40 – 00:00 and your Guild will proceed to take on any fort up to a level higher of the Forts that you’re currently occupying. The key is to start of small attacking Forts of level 1, and work your way up to the top. Rewards can be claimed both daily and after victory, with special titles available for the leading Guild.

Soul Gem

The natural evolution to MU Origin’s existing Soul Stone System, the brand new Soul Gem System will allow players to enhance their character’s soul far beyond what they previously thought capable. Available in Star, Lunar, and Solar elemental sets, each set opens after reaching a certain rebirth, and can be created through the use of new Wolf Dusts, now present for the first time in the game.

To successfully create a Soul Gem, from MU Origin’s main screen select the Soul Stone option. From here you’ll be able to easily jump to the new Soul Gem Acquire section, where it’s possible to combine different Soul Gems for additional attributes. Create the perfect combination to stand your ground in game and become a force to be reckoned with.

Dice Hunter

Just in case you needed another route in which to acquire more items, MU Origin’s latest update sees the addition of Dice Hunter, a new rolling dice mini-game that lets players work their way up 10 tiled floors. Rubies and Jewels are randomly given as you use what’s known as “Dice Points” to flip numbered tiles across the board, with a treasure chest awaiting those who make it to the end of each floor. The game resets every Monday, so it pays to be quick!

Server Dungeon-Cry Wolf

Last, but certainly by no means least is the game’s new server dungeon: Cry Wolf. Testing your ability to hold out against the enemy for as long as possible, the objective is simple, defend the Cry Wolf Statue from endless waves of monsters! There are 15 waves to take down in total, and successful heroes will be rewarded with Wolf Dust. A useful commodity that can be invested into Mu Origin’s new Soul Gem system.

MU Origin is now available for free in the App Store and Google Play.


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