A humble farmer has been abducted by aliens and it’s up to you to guide him to safety! Get Me Outta Here is a simple run-and-gun platformer with a lot of retro flair. Due to a slightly incompetent strike team, you’ll need to constantly wipe out aliens to prove that it’s safe enough for an evacuation. You’ve only got two and a half minutes between each round to do it, so be snappy! We’re here to help you survive the alien onslaught, so here’s our Get Me Outta Here cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Get Me Outta Here is a love letter to fans of the old school shoot ’em ups, so enthusiasts and fans will love it. Let’s get started with our Get Me Outta Here tips and tricks guide!


1. Spread your kills out!

There’s an in-game tip that tells you to spread your kills out to ensure you maintain your combo. How do you do this, exactly? As backwards as this sounds, try not to kill everything in sight. You’ll always want to leave at least one enemy around as a safety net in case you can’t find anything else to kill.

Good enemies to leave lying around are those little floating prism guys and the little alien bugs. These guys spawn in numbers and have low health, making them quick kills. Just be careful not to let too many of the prism guys bunch up, as they can get kind of annoying after a while since they can shoot bullets at you.

With this strategy, you will always ensure that you have at least one backup kill to maintain your combo. Wait until the combo counter on the left starts blinking – that means it’s about to expire. Swiftly kill a nearby enemy to reset the timer, and continue the carnage!

2. Rotate the boxes!

At the top left and right corners of the spaceship, you’ll see chutes. These chutes will periodically drop crates down onto the platform. Shooting them will break them open revealing a random power up inside. These power ups are a great boon to your success, so make sure you pace back and forth across the ship every now and then to see if any new crates have spawned.

Running around in a big loop is usually the best route. Occasionally you’ll find crates with a giant skull on these. Shooting these crates will cause a massive explosion, heavily damaging any enemies caught in the blast. Be sure not to stand too close yourself!

Some notable power ups include:

  • Combo Freeze will temporarily freeze the timer on your combo count. This means you can do whatever you please without having to worry about your combo dropping off. This is invaluable during boss fights!
  • Jetpack adds some extra oomph into your jumps, letting you jump to levels higher than you without having to climb the ladder. This is really helpful for dodging certain boss attacks.
  • Double Points is the key to big high scores. Build your combo up until it’s really high, then activate double points for massive points!

3. Boss strategies!

  • Specimen 9 – The first boss is – as you can expect – pretty easy. Specimen 9’s main weapon is the Udder Uzi (I came up with that myself!) that fires a ton of bullets straight ahead. Just move up to the middle level to avoid this. For its secondary attack it’ll launch missiles that will slightly home in on you. Use your rolls to avoid them. Easy!
  • Uncle Greg – This is where things get a little challenging. Uncle Greg’s weakpoint is his bulging stomach, so you’ll need to be on the middle level to attack it. His main attack is a giant laser beam that covers the top level, then he’ll aim it downwards. To avoid this you’ll need to drop down to the bottom level and stand right in front of his feet. Watch out – right after this attack he’ll kick up a shockwave with his feet, so as soon as the laser attack is over move back up to the middle levels. His final attack involves dropping debris from the ceiling, so be sure to keep your eyes above you!
  • Bellatrix the Mercenary – Bellatrix is a super fast boss. His main move is to warp to a new location, then take potshots at you with his sniper rifle sword. After he does this three times, he’ll quickly dash through all three levels of the ship, ramming you if you’re in the way. He’ll start at the top level, then middle, then finally lower level. Wait for your chance to slip between levels to avoid this. He isn’t that hard to deal with but time is your main concern here. You have few opportunities to damage him so be sure to keep an eye on the clock.
  • Mother – Father will show up as the final boss… only to be eaten by Mother! Mother will trap you within the middle part of the ship. Mother’s weakpoint is the core part of her in the middle – you’ll need to aim up. If you see a black spike droop from the core, be careful! She’s about to launch spears out of her core three times. After that, it’s safe to move back in and continue shooting. The tubes on the left and right will constantly drop the mini aliens to pester you, but they will also launch a flurry of acid blobs. These blobs cannot be destroyed, so be sure to utilize your roll. The tubes have one last attack where they’ll fire a giant laser beam along the ground. Only one of the tubes will do this at a time, so simply move to the other side to dodge it.

And with that, you should have completed the main story of Get Me Outta Here! Congratulations! Now you can hone your combo skills in the endless mode and other fun modes. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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