The recently released Gestures Game for the iPhone and iPad is that type of game that really trains your game: swipe in a different direction than the arrows indicate, tap or double tap based on the figure on the screen… it’s really difficult and intense, but extremely fun at the same time.

I am here to share with you a complete set of Gestures Game cheats and tips to have you going on an on in the game until you smash the highest score out there. And you will hopefully have fun too while doing this. So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below some Gestures Game cheats and tips!

1. Know what each shape wants from you
Learning what you have to do when each of the shapes appears on the screen means that you are 70% to the next stage. So check out the guide below for each of the shapes in the game:

– one line circle: tap the screen once
– two lines circle: tap the screen twice
– full circle: tap and hold
– full arrow: swipe in the direction indicated by the arrow
– empty arrow: swipe in the opposite direction that the one indicated by the arrow

2. Focus on the game only
I think that it’s pretty clear now that if you want to succeed at Gestures Game, it requires your complete attention. So whenever you play the game, make sure that you have no distractions around: don’t talk to other people, don’t have the TV on, don’t listen to music. Go in your Zen place and enjoy the game, while giving it your full, undivided attention.

3. Repair mistakes
I wanted to write “don’t be in a hurry,” but probably “repair mistakes” is better. Because you can indeed repair your wrong moves in some occasions: when the arrows are involved. If you don’t hurry to swipe into a direction or another, and you slowly do it, even if you start it the wrong direction, if you catch that before lifting your finger and before the shape vanishes, you can swipe in the correct direction and you will be able to keep on going.

4. Take regular breaks
I started the game pretty OK, actually, but I realized that the more I played, the worse I got at it. That’s because this game is really demanding on your brain, so you really need a few good breaks in order to rest your mind and start fresh. Take 10 minutes between play sessions and you will see that when you start playing again, you will do a lot better.

5. Practice a lot
Even though you will have to take breaks often, practicing will help you with the game too. So keep on playing in multiple sessions, until you really know what you are supposed to do exactly when the shape appears. Try out all the game modes to get even better at the game and eventually you will be able to top your high score like a boss.

And now you can check out some Gestures Game gameplay below if you want to see what the game is all about:

These would be our Gestures Game tips and tricks. Do you have anything to add? Let us know by commenting below!


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