The tricky platformer Geometry Dash is back with all new world to explore! Geometry Dash World is a brand new adventure with more levels, music, and monsters to experience! As always, you’ll need quick wits and reaction time to survive this perilous world. Jump and dash to the rhythm of the world with the help of our Geometry Dash World cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1.  Try practice mode!

The quickest and most efficient way to learn a level is to use practice mode. Practice mode lets you drop your own respawn points letting you get back to a tough section much faster than if you’re playing through it normally. If there are certain parts of the levels that you’re just not getting, don’t rip your hair out! Instead, switch to practice mode, get up to that point, and use the respawn points. You’ll be able to practice the section repeatedly until you’re comfortable enough to take on the real thing.

2. Tap into the rhythm!

Like the other Geometry Dash games, the levels are designed around their background music. We highly recommend playing the game with headphones on so you can hear the music in its full glory. Not only that, but getting into the rhythm of the music might actually help you with the level. Jumps and obstacles are placed in time with beats of the song, so if you’re actively listening you can anticipate a potential hazard coming up. Tap into the rhythm and get really into it! Just keep in mind – there will be times where obstacles will be a little off-beat, so be careful!

3. Know the gimmicks!

In addition to the music changing, each new level in Geometry Dash will mix things up by introducing new level mechanics. Here’s a couple you’ll be facing throughout your adventure:

  • Jump pads. These are small pads on the ground that emit a faint glow. Yellow ones will make you jump higher than normal automatically, while blue ones will actually flip the gravity on you and send you sticking to the ceiling.
  • Light orbs. These orbs floating midair offer you an optional boost. When you’re near them, you can double jump! Like the jump pads, these may come in the blue flavors that reverse gravity.
  • Transition portal. Some levels have sections where you’ll be controlling a “plane” like vehicle, where tapping ascends and letting go descends. These sections are designated by a vibrant portal.
  • Cloud platforms. You’ll only see these on one level, but they function like basic platforms except they drop slowly as long as you’re on them.

4. Do the dailies!

Once you complete the Dashlands and Toxic Factory, you’ll unlock online levels. Here you can play levels that real people have created, or try your hand at making one yourself! You also unlock daily missions. You’ll need to play player made levels for progress towards these dailies, but completing them rewards you with diamonds. We’re not quite sure what diamonds are for yet, but they’re probably valuable!

That’s all for Geometry Dash World. Practice makes perfect! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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