This article is brought to you by Geo Scavengers.

Geo Corp. has made an earth-shattering discovery. Alongside our own physical dimension there’s a virtual one. Even more incredibly, we can explore this dimension at will through our smartphones. 

And as we all know, there’s only one thing to do when a new region is discovered: exploit its natural resources and loot its supplies, competing to become the wealthiest and most powerful ransacker in the world. 

That’s the idea behind Geo Scavengers, the brand new location-based AR app from Aperico Software. 

The game equips you with a map of your local area and a set of high tech tools for scanning your environment, analysing the contents of the caches you discover, and looting their contents to add to your inventory. 

In these caches you’ll find crafting materials, keys that allow you to access higher tier caches with better loot, and map fragments. Collect enough of these fragments and you’ll be able to craft a full map, allowing you to find highly valuable ancient artifacts. 

More importantly, you’ll earn Geo Corp. credits. Save up enough of these and you’ll be able to buy an entire zone, entitling you to collect tax from your fellow Geo Scavengers. You can buy multiple zones, too, targeting the most productive areas to maximise your tax revenue. 

The crafting materials that you find, meanwhile, allow you to create new modules for your gear, turning you into a more efficient scavenger and propelling you to greater heights of scavenging success. 

It sounds like a fun gameplay mechanic, based on character progression and good old-fashioned exercise, and Aperico has upped the ante even further by stuffing fun little features into every crevice. 

For instance, opening caches isn’t always a simple case of moving inside them and tapping the “loot” button. Some are locked behind puzzles, giving you an extra layer of gameplay to enjoy. 

There’s a trading feature, too, and a campaign storyline that unfolds through in-game messages from the shadowy Geo Corp. 

Geo Scavengers is available on the Google Play Store right now. It costs a flat $6.49, with no ads or IAPs. 

This article is brought to you by Geo Scavengers.

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