During Octave of Maushiro world quest under Genshin Impact’s Through the Mists questline, players go to Autake Plains to find clues about Ruu. 

When they reach there, they find the area covered in thick mist. Players have to use the Stormstones to search the Autake Plains area without getting lost in the mist. And, during their search for clues, they find an altar with missing stones, called Autake Slates.

To progress the quest, players have to find the Autake Slates and place them near the stone altar and then solve the puzzle.

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In this Genshin Impact guide—we talk about how players can find all Autake Slates/missing stones during the Octave of Maushiro world quest. We will also share details on how to solve the puzzle associated with the missing stones. 

Where to Find The Missing Stones – Autake Slates

The Autake Slates, also referred to as missing stones, are found in the vicinity of the altar. While looking for clues, you will find three Seelie near the puzzle altar. Follow them, and they will lead you to the missing stones. 

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Make sure you have an electro bow user in your party to light up the Tsurumi Island Stormstones. Or else, you will get lost in the thick mist and automatically return outside of the mission area. 

Solve the Mystery of the Stones at Autake Planes 

Once you find and place all three Autake Slates near the stone altar, you will get a new objective “Solve the Mystery of the Stones.”

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It is nothing but another Tsurumi Island stone puzzle where you have to use the markings on the stones to solve it.

Make a note of the markings that appear on the big rock. Now activate the Autake Slates in the same order, top to bottom. 

Doing so will solve the puzzle and progress the quest, with the new objective being “Return to the Ceremonial Site.”

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Genshin Impact: Where to Find The Missing Stones | Autake Slates Location


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