Elemental Mastery is an in-game mechanics in Genshin Impact that not many players understand. It is an attribute that increase the power of elemental reactions created by different element users. If you have full understanding Elemental Mastery in Genshin Impact, then you can easily deal high damage numbers. Moreover, it will also help you in building a good team composition.

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In Genshin Impact, elemental mastery is not needed if you roll with Physical builds. But, if you are someone who relies on burst DPS, elemental attacks, or such other actions, then you should know about elemental mastery. To help you out, we have prepared a brief, but informative guide on Elemental Mastery.

Elemental Mastery in Genshin Impact

Elemental Mastery scales the strength of the elemental reactions in Genshin Impact. At the time of writing this article, we have around nine elemental reactions.

  • Vaporize
  • Melt
  • Overloaded
  • Superconduct
  • Electro-Charged
  • Burning
  • Shattered
  • Swirl
  • Crystallize

To apply any elemental reaction, you need a minimum of two characters with different elements. The elemental reaction damage scales based on the elemental mastery of the character who applies the last elemental in the reaction.

How to calculate Elemental Mastery damage scaling?

FYI, there are two types of elemental reactions, Transformative and Amplifying. Vaporize and Melt come under amplifying reactions. Meanwhile, the rest are transformative reaction. We have different formulas to calculate the elemental mastery damage scaling for different elemental reactions.

Elemental Mastery damage scaling formula for Amplifying Reactions.

{\displaystyle X\%=2.78\times {\frac {\text{EM}}{{\text{EM}}+1400}}\times 100\%}

Elemental Mastery damage scaling formula for Transformative Reactions.

{\displaystyle Y\%=6.67\times {\frac {\text{EM}}{{\text{EM}}+1400}}\times 100\%}

Elemental Mastery damage absorption scaling formula for Crystallize(special).

{\displaystyle Z\%=4.44\times {\frac {\text{EM}}{{\text{EM}}+1400}}\times 100\%}

In the above formula, X, Y and Z denote the relative difference from base level damage created by the elemental reactions.

How to increase Elemental Mastery?

Players can increase elemental mastery by using artifacts that have elemental mastery ratings. Some characters like Albedo, Sucrose, etc also have passive talents that increase the elemental mastery of the whole team. While we have Lisa and Xiangling whose elemental mastery increases with ascension.

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