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Genshin Impact Potion Event Recipes List | How to Make Each Potion

Learn how to make every Alchemical Ascension potion in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact‘s Alchemical Ascension event drops you into the role of a potion shop keeper. To ensure maximum profits, you have to make potions according to trending market news, so here’s how to make each potion in the Genshin Impact potion event.

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How to Make each Potion in Genshin Impact‘s Alchemical Ascension

To concoct a potion, all you need to do is throw in a bunch of ingredients. The resulting potion is determined by the type of ingredient efficacies in the mixture. Alchemical Ascension’s concocting system is a bit different from typical crafting systems in the sense that the recipes aren’t set in stone, as each ingredient adds a different amount of efficacy.

For example, if you wanted to brew a constitution potion, you would use mostly ingredients with the constitution efficacy. Each ingredient three efficacies: one primary efficacy, and two minor ones. Keep an eye on how the efficacy charge changes as you add ingredients.

Speaking of the efficacy chart, it also shows you what grade your potion is going to be. The higher grade a potion, the more profitable it is. To make higher grade potions, add better ingredients that pass over the thresholds of the chart.

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In the screenshot above, this potion is going to be an intermediate potion, because it’s passing over the first threshold of the chart. There are four potion grades: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and finally special.

In the event your potion has two major ingredients—that is, you have two dominant efficacies that are also within the same grade—the resulting potion will be a combination potion. For example, a strength and constitution potion would have a lot of Special Calla Lily and Special Jueyun Chili in it.

That just about sums up the core concepts of concocting potions in Alchemical Ascension. For further reading, be sure to check out our Alchemical Ascension tips and tricks guide for more details. Now, let’s start concocting!

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Constitution Potion

Constitution Potions are blue potions that focus on rejuvenating and fortifying the drinker’s natural defenses. You can make them by mixing ingredients with the Constitution efficacy, such as Special Calla Lily, Special Sweet Flower, and Special Violetgrass.

Strength Potion

Strength Potions are red potions that focus on empowering the drinker with increased physical prowess. You can make them by mixing ingredients with the Strength efficacy, such as Special Jueyun Chili, Special Flaming Flower, and Special Mist Flower.

Dexterity Potion

Dexterity Potions are turquoise potions that focus on quickening the drinker’s natural reflexes, making them as fast as the wind. You can make them by mixing ingredients with the Dexterity efficacy such as Special Horsetail, Special Dandelion, Special Zaytun Peach.

Wisdom Potion

Wisdom Potions are green potions that focus on sharpening the drinker’s wit, allowing them to tap into their deepest knowledge banks. You can make them by mixing ingredients with the Wisdom efficacy, such as Special Qingxin, Special Windwheel Aster, and Special Lumidouce Bell.

Charisma Potion

Charisma Potions are purple potions that focus on expanding the drinker’s charms, letting them befriend just about anyone. You can make them by mixing ingredients with the Charisma efficacy, such as Special Sumeru Rose, Special Glaze Lily, and Special Marcotte.

All Market News Potions Recipe List

From cycle 8 onward, the market news randomizes to a certain degree, so you never know what you’re going to get. If you need help with figuring out what the market news customers want, here’s a complete list of every market news trend that may pop up. Be sure to use your browser’s find function to get to the news that you’re stumped on.

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Market NewsDesired Efficacy & Characteristics
Good Hunter is coming up with new dishes for adventurers who love battling.Constitution/Strength/Dexterity
The owner of a Mondstadt flower shop is looking to have their fresh flowers grow more lush and extend the time they are in bloom.Constitution/Endurance/Steadying
Draff of Springvale is recruiting hunters to hunt an exceedingly speedy Boar King.Strength/Dexterity/Wisdom
A scholar from Mondstadt has unearthed an ancient stone tablet and is currently trying to decipher the information on it.Wisdom/Focus/Perception
A bard in Mondstadt hopes to reliably put on a good show in their performances and attract a larger audience.Charisma/Wisdom/Steadying/Relaxing
The Cavalry Captain of Knights of Favonius is leading a squad that aims to clear out bandits skulking outside the city.Strength/Dexterity/Endurance/Strengthening
The Dragonspine Exploration Team is preparing supplies to ensure that its members remain in good condition.Constitution/Dexterity/Warm/Endurance
Makeup is fashionable amongst the young girls in Mondstadt.Charisma/Fragrant/Technique
The Director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe is preparing to purchased a batch of makeup products for their performances.Charisma/Wisdom/Fragrant/Technique
Yae Publishing ouse is holding a light novel contest, and authors are searching for inspiration.Wisdom/Focus/Perception/Technique
Akademiya students are busy composing final theses and are under significant stress. Some are currently seeking a means to calm their spirits and let them focus on studying.Wisdom/Steadying/Focus/Relaxing
Recently, the number of people injured by monster attacks is on the rise, and Deaconess Barbara is looking to replenish the medicine stocks of the Church of Favonius.Constitution/Healing/Steadying/Strengthening
Rare, swift-swimming fish have been spotted in Mondstadt’s waters! Enthusiasts are eager to have at them.Dexterity/Wisdom/Strength/Focus/Technique/Endurance
The captain of a Liyue ship wants to improve the constitution of new sailors and ameliorate the effect of seasickness.Constitution/Healing/Relaxing
There have been frequent disturbances in the desert lately, and the Guardian of Aaru Village is leading the other guards in the defense against monster attacks.Wisdom/Constitution/Strength/Dexterity/Endurance/Strengthening/Healing
Some of the Qingce Village elders are in poor health, and they hope to find in a way to extend their lifespans.Constitution/Strengthening/Endurance/Healing
The Millelith are currently clearing out monsters in order to protect miners. They want to remain calm as they do so and end the battle quickly.Strength/Dexterity/Wisdom/Strengthening/Steadying
An exhilarating Pankration Tournament is underway in the Fortress of Meropide, and it is said there’s someone looking to buy a way to boost their physical capabilities no matter the price.Dexterity/Constitution/Technique
The Fontaine Apparel Association is preparing for a fashion show, and many models are hoping to make their mark and leave a deep impression.Charisma/Technique/Fragrant
Fontainian reporters need to spend lot of time investigating stories, and they hope to find a way to quickly replenish their stamina while on break.Constitution/Endurance/Strengthening
Liyue’s Ministry of Civil Affairs has been terribly busy of late. A clerk wants to focus harder and clear work more quickly.Dexterity/Wisdom/Focus/Technique/Relaxing
Some Grand Narukami Shrine maidens are feeling unwell due to the winds at night being too cold.Constitution/Dexterity/Strengthening/Warm/Healing
An Inazuman Doushin is pursuing a swift and unpredictable ronin.Constitution/Strength/Dexterity/Perception/Strengthening/Endurance
Some prisoners in the Fortress of Meropide are looking to earn Credit Coupon quickly. They want to be able to process widgets more efficiently by having more strength.Dexterity/Strength/Strengthening/Technique
A certain Fontainian celebrity is currently getting ready to host a social ball, and all the invited ladies and gentlemen are preparing themselves.Charisma/Technique/Fragrant/Relaxing
Fontainian divers are salvaging a batch of cultural relics. They wish to move more swiftly underwater so that their work can proceed more efficiently.Dexterity/Perception/Endurance
Fontaine’s Maison Gardiennage is conducting tactical training, and the Gardes are hoping to improve their performance in the stimulated pursuit.Dexterity/Strength/Technique
The number of foreign visitors to Sumeru has been increasing recently, and with it, cases of individuals not being acclimatized to local conditions and food, so Bimarstan is buying a batch of medicine to relieve physical discomfort.Constitution/Strengthening/Healing/Steadying

We hope this guide helps you out with Genshin Impact‘s Alchemical Ascension potion event. If you have any other questions or tips for this event, let us know in the comments below.

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Genshin Impact Potion Event Recipes List | How to Make Each Potion