Genshin Impact How to get Plaustrite Shard

The Plaustrite Shard is an event exclusive ore that was introduced in Genshin Impact with the ongoing Lantern Rite Festival event. It is used in crafting the Xiao Lanterns. And since players need a lot of Xiao Lanterns to progress through the Lantern Rite Tales section of the event, and to play the Theater Mechanicus – it is a rudimentary item that players must have in stock. To make your life easier we are here with a guide that covers how and where players can obtain the Plaustrite Shards in Genshin Impact.

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In Genshin Impact, while the Lantern Rite Festival event is ongoing – players can obtain Plaustrite Shards from ores. There is no specific ore that players need to focus on. So, if you have an ore farming route(like for farming Crystal chunks, Iron Chunks, etc) you can follow it, and for each ore you extract, you get a Plaustrite Shard.

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As mentioned earlier, players can obtain the Plaustrite Shard anywhere all around Genshin Impact’s map. Though here are some of the best locations where we would recommend players to farm for Plaustrite Shard.

Where to Obtain Plaustrite Shard in Genshin Impact

Here are two locations in Genshin Impact that players can use to farm Plaustrite Shards.

Location 1: Wolvendom

Travel to Wolvendom teleport waypoint and make your way towards the player icon location as shown in the above Genshin Impact screenshot.

There players can find a plethora of ores which when extracted will give Plaustrite Shard. Players can obtain more than fifteen Plaustrite Shards in this location.

Location 2: Guyun Stone Forest

Travel to the Guyun Stone Forest teleport waypoint and make your way towards the player icon as shown above. There you can find a good number of ores to extract and get Plaustrite Shards from.

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