Genshin Impact: How to Break the Tail Seal in Tail of Watatsumi Quest

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In Genshin Impact, there are a collection of quests players must complete at around the same time, commonly known as the Watatsumi quests.

You begin these quests after you complete The Moon Bathed Deep quest, which merely involves you talking to Tsuyuko, who is located to the north of the Mouun Shrine.

Tsuyuko then assigns you the Watatsumi quests, some being more troublesome to complete than others. One challenging quest in particular is the Tail of Watatsumi quest, one of the most difficult aspects being to destroy the Tail Seal.

If you want to learn how to break the tail seal in Tail of Watatsumi quest in Genshin Impact, just read on ahead to find out!

How to Break the Tail Seal in Tail of Watatsumi Quest

The last quest item needed to obtain through the Watatsumi quests, the Spirit Pearl, can be obtained from the shrine located southeast of Bourou Village. When you reach the location, you need to defeat the Fatui enemies near the shrine before reading the stone tablet.

But in order to come across the Fatui enemies, you need to summon an Electromagnum and light up six stone lamps around the shrine. There is an area before climbing the stairs of the shrine where you can summon an Electromagnum. The shrine itself holds the Tail Seal that you need to break.

You need to then activate the pillars/stone lamps leading up to the shrine. You do this by touching them before the electromagnum disappears. After you manage to activate all the pillars, you need to fight against the Fatui ambush.

Once you’ve done that, head up to the shrine and collect your reward to finish the Tail of Watatsumi quest!

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Genshin Impact: How to Break the Tail Seal in Tail of Watatsumi Quest


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