The Fading Twilight is a four-star bow in Genshin Impact whose secondary weapon stats increase Energy Recharge% by a decent amount. And its weapon skill called Radiance of the Deeps increases DMG dealt to opponents by 14% and even more depending on the refinement level.  

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You need the Fading Twilight bow as it is the alternative weapon for the five-star character Yelan that you can use if you don’t want to waste Primogems on the weapon’s banner to get Yelan’s signature weapon, the Aqua Simulacra

Yelan’s arrival in Genshin Impact is imminent. And with that, many players are waiting to get their hands on the Fading Twilight bow. And ascend it to max level to get the most DMG output. 

To help players out, we have prepared a guide that shares every ascension material you need for ascending the Fading Twilight bow in Genshin Impact. 

Genshin Impact Fading Twilight Bow Ascension Materials

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Here are the weapon ascension materials you need to ascend the four-star Bow called Fading Twilight through different ascension levels. 

Ascension Level 1

  • Grain of Aerosiderite x3
  • Hunter’s Sacrificial Knife x3
  • Divining Scroll x2
  • Mora x5,000

Ascension Level 2

  • Piece of Aerosiderite x3
  • Hunter’s Sacrificial Knife x12
  • Divining Scroll x8
  • Mora x15,000

Ascension Level 3

  • Piece of Aerosiderite x6
  • Agent’s Sacrificial Knife x6
  • Sealed Scroll x6
  • Mora x20,000

Ascension Level 4

  • Bit of Aerosiderite x3
  • Agent’s Sacrificial Knife x12
  • Sealed Scroll x9
  • Mora x30,000

Ascension Level 5

  • Bit of Aerosiderite x6
  • Inspector’s Sacrificial Knife x9
  • Forbidden Curse Scroll x6
  • Mora x35,000

Ascension Level 6

  • Chunk of Aerosiderite x4
  • Inspector’s Sacrificial Knife x18
  • Forbidden Curse Scroll x12
  • Mora x45,000

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That’s it for now. Make sure to check out our coverage on the Genshin Impact version 2.7 update.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play gacha-based role-playing game currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Android, and iOS. 

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Genshin Impact Fading Twilight Bow Ascension Materials 


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