Genshin Impact elemental reaction guide
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Genshin Impact is a game quite similar to Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild when it comes to open-world game design, some of the in-game elements(stamina, gliding etc.), exploration and a few other. However, the introduction of a wide variety of playable characters with their unique elemental abilities is something unique to Genshin Impact.

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The different elements and their uses in-game makes Genshin Impact one of the most fun RPG to play on mobile phones or any other platform. Why? Because of the fast-paced gameplay, the elemental reactions, the boons from elemental resonance, different elemental bursts and their wide usage and much more. The use of elemental abilities in Genshin Impact depends on how creative you can be, how much you understand the game and so on.

List of all Elements in Genshin Impact

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In Genshin Impact there is a total of seven elements or powers, each related to respective “Archons“(gods). The seven elements are as follows:

  • Anemo: Power of wind
  • Geo: Power of earth
  • Electro: Power of lightning
  • Dendro: Power of nature
  • Hydro: Power of water
  • Pyro: Power of fire
  • Cryo: Power of frost.

Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
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1.) Burning: Dendro + Pyro 

Effect: Deals pyro damage overtime.

The Burning effect is best when players have to fight enemies with shields, electro and cryo slimes and such other enemies.

2.) Crystallize: Geo + Pyro or Frost or Lightning or Hydro

Effect: Absorbs targets elemental energy and drops a crystal(based on elements) that generates an elemental shield around the in-game character. The shield absorbs incoming damage(same element damage absorption is more effective).

Crystallize is an elemental reaction that is required while dealing with bosses like Geo Hypostasis or Wolf of the North. Players can plan and use this reaction on every hard-hitting boss.

3.) Electro-Charged: Lightning + Hydro

Effect: Deals electro damage over time.

Electro is one of the most common elemental reactions in the game that most players use while dealing with mobs. Combine characters like Fischl and Barbara and, you are good to go. There are better playable characters that players can use for this elemental reaction. However, Fischl and Barbara are some of the common playable characters that both F2P and Gacha players have.

4.) Frozen: Frost + Hydro

Effect: Freezes the target.

Best for holding a moving target at a single place for a few seconds.

5.) Melt: Frost + Pyro

Effect: Normal attacks deal more damage.

Melt effect is good when you are using a high DPS character as it increases the damage dealt by 2x if pyro is the triggering element and 1.5x if cryo is the triggering element.

6.) Overloaded: Lightning + Pyro

Effect: Deals AoE pyro damage.

Overloaded is yet another common elemental reaction that players can use on multiple mobs.

7.) Superconduct: Frost + Lightning 

Effect: Deals AoE cryo damage and reduces targets defence.

Superconduct is one of the best elemental reactions that players can use while dealing with bosses like “Oceanid”.

8.) Swirl: Anemo + Pyro or Frost or Lightning or Hydro

Effect: Deals extra elemental damage and spreads the effect of elemental damage.

Swirl is an elemental reaction that has many uses. Players can use it to traverse water bodies, to deal AoE damage and much more.

9.) Vaporize: Hydro + Pyro

Effect: Attacks deal more damage depending on the triggering element.

Same as melt. Vaporize is another great elemental reaction that players can use with a high DPS character as attacks will deal x2 damage if Hydro is the triggering element or x1.5 damage if Pyro is the triggering element.

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