Abigail the cat is on a thieving rampage! The peaceful city of Petsburg needs your help! Gems Story is a match-3 puzzle game with a furry twist. You’ll be hleping Ruby the detective dog in her quest to find and capture the notorious master thief Abigail. She’s robbing everyone of all their precious jewelry, and it’s up to you and Ruby to get it all back! We’ll help you catch the thief and and earn all stars while you’re at it with our Gems Story cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Gems Story is a fun and challenging match-3 puzzle game, so let’s get right to it with our Gems Story tips and tricks guide.


1. Work in the same area!

Gems are powered up when adjacent gems are matched. You’ll see a yellow number appear next to the gems. This makes them worth more towards the level goal! For example, a gem with the number one next to it will count as two gems towards progress. There is a catch, however. The boosts are temporarily and only last a turn, meaning that if you don’t immediately match them, they will revert back to normal gems. You should try to match within the surrounding area to ensure that you’re constantly matching charged gems.

2. Conserve your moves!

When you’ve fulfilled all of the level’s objectives, any extra moves you had left over will turn random gems on the board into powered up gems. They all explode shortly after, granting some some bonus points, hopefully enough to push you over to the third star. Try to conserve your moves as you’re playing. Be efficient and plan ahead to make sure you use as little moves as possible.

3. Match big chains!

There are no special gems in this game, believe or not. Matching more than three gems at a time simply increases the amount of charge surrounding gems will receive. They do, however, spread like special gems typically found in match-3 puzzle games. Sometimes they’ll spread in a plus formation, sometimes in a diagonal formation, and so forth. This isn’t to say that matching more than three is useless – it’s still incredibly helpful! You’ll have an easier time reaching your gem quota if you match big chains a lot.

4. Use 5-matches for hard to reach areas!

Going off of tip number 3, matching five gems will result in all of those same-type gems on the board to immediately match, no matter their location. Keep this in mind as it is incredibly useful to get those hard to reach areas. For example, once you start getting to the safe levels, you might have corners where safes are. It’s hard to get new gems circulating around the safe because it doesn’t move, making it difficult to match around it. This is where the 5-gem explosion comes in.

That’s all for Gems Story. If you have any other matching tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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