Gelato Madness is the latest title in the “impossible & endless” genre that is proving to be extremely popular among us, a title that challenges you to fill ice cream cones with ice cream, a game that will show you that this is not an easy job at all. But I am here to help you get the highest possible score for you by sharing some Gelato Madness cheats: tips and tricks for a complete strategy guide for this little and fun game available for iOS powered devices.

So if you are having trouble getting over 50 and then over 100, read on Touch Tap Play’s Gelato Madness tips and tricks and hopefully you will be able to do a lot better. It’s not easy, but it’s doable!

1. Find a rhythm
I believe that if you manage to find your rhythm, you could play the game with your eyes closed (of course, if you knew what buttons to tap). Jokes aside, though, this is really important, as finding a rhythm works better than just looking at the cones or tapping when you feel it’s right. Find the rhythm and stick to it – I personally tend to go faster and faster – and you will soon manage to bag a ton of points.

2. Keep the rhythm
The most difficult part of Gelato Madness is when you have to skip a round because both cones are filled with ice cream. This usually destroys my game as it can take me – and anybody, actually – out of rhythm. You can still try to keep the rhythm in such situations though by mimicking a tap of the screen, or saying something like “tap” in your mind. This way, you will keep your rhythm and keep on going.

3. Watch the triangles at the base
If for some reason this whole finding a rhythm thing does not work for you, try looking at the triangles at the base of the fillers as they are the real indicators when the position is just right for the cones to be filled. Anything else can be distracting, but I personally found this method to be just not as great as the rhythm one.

4. Free continues
Even if you fail once, you still have a free chance to keep on going. You can watch a video ad on your device and you get a free continue. Don’t use this every time though and keep the method for when you really are on a roll because you might run out of ads to watch and be unable to continue when you finally beat your previous high score. And you wouldn’t like that to happen, right?

5. Take breaks
As Gelato Madness can become pretty frustrating, it’s very important for you to take regular breaks from playing the game. This way you manage to calm down a little bit and the next time you’ll play, your performance will be a lot better. So whenever you start feeling your blood boiling, turn your device off and take your mind off it for a few minutes.

6. Practice a lot
This is not a game that you will master on your first, second or 50th try. You have to keep playing and learn from your mistakes, find your rhythm and simply become one with the game, like a real ninja. This can only be achieved if you keep playing the game, which I am sure you will because you have a high score to beat.

Here are my first few and highly unsuccessful tries with the game in the short Gelato Madness gameplay video below:

Do you have other Gelato Madness tips and tricks to share with us? Let us know by commenting below!


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