Crescent Moon Games have just launched Gear Jack Black Hole, the sequel to the popular endless runner released one year ago. I am here to help you with a set of Gear Jack BH cheats, tips and tricks that will hopefully keep you running for as long as possible. And since there’s more about the game than you can see when you first play it, it’s really worth checking out our strategy guide for this amazing iPhone and iPad game!

So read on for some really useful Gear Jack BH tips and tricks!

1. How to access the goodies
In my game, I don’t know exactly if it’s a bug or not, but when I hit the Home icon, it takes me to a new game. But from there you can still access the “goodies” menu as I like to call it: simply tap the green arrow in the lower right part of the screen and you will get access to all sorts of stats, including the very useful Talents bar where you can improve a lot of Jack’s stats.

2. What Talents to upgrade
They are extremely useful if picked correctly and even though each talent depends on the style of play of each player, here is where I recommend you to invest your gears in:

– Second chance: Even though the chances of it happening are slim, it’s basically an extra life for free every now and then and totally worth the trouble.
– Lucky Gear: you need more gears, and this will make it happen.
– Stoned: you won’t run into a lot of stones, probably, but it’s good to know that there are chances to survive the impact if you do
– The following I would invest in in the next order: The Key, Royalties, Magnet and Shield.

3. Complete the missions
They will reward you with keys, that in return will give you extra gears. So focus on completing the missions at first, and don’t think too much about high scores.

4. Learn the hidden traps and avoid them
The easiest way to die is to run into “hidden” traps. I am thinking mostly about the monster that comes out of the gear, but there are other examples too. Try to learn all the traps and how to avoid them.

5. Rolling in air will increase gravity, do it to land faster if it’s ever needed. Also, learn how to master the jumps (hold the up arrow for longer or double tap to perform a double jump).

6. Get free gears
You will have the option, every now and then, to watch a game trailer for 100 free gears. It’s not a bad thing to do since free gears are always welcome!

7. Don’t risk it
Except for those moments when you really have to risk it in order to get something to complete a mission, it’s usually better to play it safe: you will get farther in the game this way and grab a better high score.

8. Practice a lot
When I first started to play the game I was so confused that I couldn’t get too far. The more I played, the better I got and now it’s normal to get over 2,500 points per run at a minimum. So the more you play, the better you get at this game, the more gears you get and the better your character.

And this would be all in terms of Gear Jack Black Hole tips and tricks – if you have others do share, let us know by commenting below!



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