The next generation mobile racing game is here! Enter Gear.Club, an authentic world of cars that aims to be a realistic driving experience. Choose from a variety of real world cars and race through beautiful locations. Connect social media accounts to race against your friends’ best times! Upgrade your car using real life parts, compete in special events, and race to become number one! We’ll help you become a three-star driver with our Gear.Club cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Watch the arrow line!

During a race you’ll see a line of arrows form beneath you. These arrows are supposed to represent the most efficient path, and they can also warn you of upcoming turns. Keep a close eye on the arrows! When they’re green, you should be able to follow them at full speed. Once they start to turn yellow though, get ready to brake. If you see full red arrows, you’re going way faster than the suggest speed at that turn, so adjust your speed accordingly. Take full advantage of the arrows to know what’s about to come up!

2. Disable driving aids!

Driving aids are on full blast when you start the game. There are three different aids: braking, anti-skid, and steering. Braking automatically slows your car down for certain turns, anti-skid keeps you from skidding out, and steering automatically turns your car slightly to correct your path. You can keep them on when you’re still getting used to the controls as the game doesn’t actually penalize you for using them. However, if you’ve gotten accustomed to your car, you should turn the driving aids off. Overall they will lower your times and in order to be the fastest, you’ll need to get used to driving without the driving aids.

3. Use the controls you like!

By default you’ll be tilting your device to steer your car. While we think this feels pretty natural and works well, you’re free to change to classic touch controls if you so like. In fact, we highly recommend you try both control schemes and see which one you like the best. Control is the most important factor in performing well during a race, so don’t handicap yourself by using a control scheme you’re uncomfortable with.

4. Compete in the flash events!

Occasionally you’ll see temporary events pop up on the world map. These are known as “flash” events and you can compete in them. The opposition is pretty tough and you only have a limited amount of time to do it, but if you manage to place first you can win some sweet sweet loot, including but not limited to gold! Try to play these events the second you see them because they’re a great way to earn some extra cash and gold on the side.

That’s about it for Gear.Club. Just master controlling your car, keep upgrading your parts, complete the missions, and you should be on the road to victory! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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