Gameloft have unleashed the zany and amazing Gangstar New Orleans upon us, offering us an experience somewhere in between GTA and Saints Row. And since both these games are absolutely amazing, you will really enjoy playing Gangstar 5 for free. And we’re here to make things even better for you by sharing a bunch of Gangstar New Orleans cheats and tips to help you get the most out of the game, uncover secrets, make more money and basically have more fun.

There’s a ton of things to do in Gangstar New Orleans (aka Gangstar 5) and the world is huge, so feel free to explore and do whatever you please. But hopefully our tips and tricks will help you get the most out of the game and maybe improve your game a bit as well. So let’s not waste any time and let’s check them out below!

1. Complete the quests
In the main menu, you will see your daily quests. Try to focus on completing them all each day in order to get a ton of Jar Pieces that you can use to craft Premium Jars and collect all sorts of great and useful items (2-4 star weapons, vehicles or thugs).

2. Follow the game’s story
I know that since this is an open world game, you’d rather roam around freely, doing whatever you like, but the truth is that you should try and complete the missions as they will unlock new features (like the Turfs early on in the game) and help you get all the better stuff that you want.

If you prefer to do so, you can steal cars and drive to the missions in order to start them, or simply go to the main map and simply tap on them in order to start them. They’re really fun and you have to go through this if you want to get the most out of the game.

3. Keep your eyes open for secrets
It’s extremely important to keep your eyes open for secrets when playing. You will find that there are all sorts of hidden items in the game, some of which can prove to be extremely useful. It seems (although I didn’t really perform extended tests to confirm this) that some hidden items are limited to when you’re in a mission, so take your time to collect them before they vanquish. If not, simply roam around the city, visit everything and you’ll find all the hidden items!

4. Fuse and Evolve your Items
This is long, yet fun way to get the best equipment in the game: fusing, then evolving it. It’s a long process that involves a lot of grinding, but it gets you there eventually and it’s completely free of charge.

In order to increase the stats of your weapons, you will have to Fuse them using items you collect during missions or rewards to maximum level. Then, you will have to Evolve them – which earns them new stars and allows you to Fuse and level up your weapons even further. Don’t rush to fuse and evolve as soon as you start the game, as you will have a fair and nice share of weapons and items to choose from after completing some of the missions.

5. Get the Free Rewards
There are all sorts of free rewards that the game throws at you daily in the form of Spirit Jars. Make sure that you unlock them as often as possible since you can do so multiple times per day. Alternately, you can spend diamonds on purchasing Premium ones which will drop better items.

You also collect Jar Pieces as you play and you can spend those different types of pieces for unlocking special Spirit Jars as well. These also guarantee amazing drops, so try to collect as many as fast as possible. We haven’t seen an increase in the quality of the dropped items if you purchase the higher amount, so just unlock each as soon as you have enough pieces.

6. Be prepared for the missions
There are multiple types of missions in the game and you have to make sure that you are best prepared for that type of mission and you’re ready to perform at your best. The most difficult in my opinion because of the clunkier controls are those that involve shooting. For the shooting missions, you should do the following:

– bring the best weapons you have. Weapons make the difference in this game, so make sure that you have them upgraded in order to quickly take out enemies
– collect ammo as you play and switch between weapons. When there’s just one enemy left, you should take them out with a pistol to save ammo if you’re running low. You should also move around during the mission to collect the dropped ammo, otherwise it will all be lost if you move to a new stage in the mission
– cover is extremely important, so take cover at all times. Plan your route and get ready to shoot when your enemies are recharging. This helps you lose the least amount of health.

For racing/driving missions, have the following in mind:

– You don’t have to follow the driving route indicated on the minimap (at least on most occasions). If things seem to crowded or difficult ahead, you can try to find an alternate route.
– You don’t have to go through the checkpoints exactly where marker is. Just drive by them in the area around it and everything will be good. Depending on the mission, you don’t even have to be close, you just have to pass that point.
– Use the brakes. Master braking for tight turns and you’ll have no problem completing these missions easily.

7. Conquer Turfs and Protect them
Conquering Turfs is vital in the game because this gives you the chance not only to move forward with the story, but also get businesses that will produce Spirit Jar pieces for you and therefore these will improve your game greatly. In order to conquer Turfs, you will first have to complete missions in its quarter in order to increase your influence there and once it is high enough, you can raid the turf: win and it’s all yours!

Protecting your Turf is also extremely important and you do so by assigning Thugs for the job. The more Thugs you have, the better protected your Turf will be, so don’t hesitate to fill in the numbers first and worry about upgrading your Thugs second.

8. Thugs can help you out a lot in the game!
Except for protecting your Turfs, Thugs can also perform tasks for you if you send them to complete missions. Their success rate depends on multiple factors like their stats and how difficult the mission is, but as long as you have a high success rate (it doesn’t have to be 100%), you should try and send your thugs do your dirty work since extra items and rewards are always welcome.

These would be for now our tips and tricks for Gangstar 5 aka Gangstar New Orleans. There are multiple strategies and things to talk about in this massive open world game, so if you have more to add, do so by leaving a comment below.



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