I’m not sure how many people out there want to be Gabe Newell of Quake, Half Life and Steam fame. But nobody would probably mind to have him as a mentor. And Gamedev Empire, the latest incremental game available on mobile, gives you the chance to step into his footsteps and achieve amazing things as a game developer. And you’ll be really surprised by the looks of your advisor (if you’re not, maybe you should do a Google search on Gabe Newell).

But funny stuff aside, we should definitely note that Gamedev Empire is a really good game with great graphics and a ton of value. We’re here to help make the experience even better by sharing a bunch of Gamedev Empire cheats and tips so that you can progress faster and become a master game developer like no other in the world. So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out some Gamedev tips and tricks below!

Collect your offline money
Right now, there seems to be a bit of a bug when it comes to correctly receiving your offline income. If you don’t force quit the game (swipe it off from the cache after quitting it), when you return you won’t receive the money produces while you were offline. That is easy to fix though: either make sure you force quit the game when you stop playing or quickly close it and force quit after restarting if you’re not getting the money. The correct amount owed to you will be in your pockets!

I am sure that this is just a temporary bug and it will be fixed by future updates, but until then it’s good to know this workaround.

Work towards milestones
Each genre reaches a milestone when you hit a specific upgrade level – at level 25, 50, 75 and so on. Each milestone greatly increases the speed at which money is produced, so you’re basically making a lot more when you hit such a milestone. Therefore, it’s vital to work on getting to each milestone as fast as possible.

Play the Arcade
In the Arcade, you can use money to unlock mini games, then spend tokens to play said minigames. They offer various bonuses if you manage to reach a certain point. You should give all the mini games a try and then only play the one you are best at.

In my case, the Arcade is a bit bugged too, eating my tokens even if I don’t start a new game, but I still managed to give a few a try. Super Dario Land is really difficult for me and I don’t have much fun with House Fighters or Ping. Strangely, I found Splashy Bit (the Flappy Bird clone) extremely simple and I am focusing on it right now. But you should try all minigames and see which one works best for you.

Read your mail daily
Each day, you receive 5 “mail” messages and they all have all sorts of goodies for you. You can gain instant followers or money, or you can watch videos for extra tokens or huge amounts of money. I recommend doing them all – but leave the ad watching for the money for the end of the day: they higher your overall value, the more money you will get!

Working out Sweetter
I also believe that this is a bugged feature that will get fixed with future upgrades. The thing with Sweetter is that you can invest some money there and potentially gain follower or more money through likes. I did that once, but eventually the stuff disappeared. I am not sure I have received extra money or not – so right now I would stay away from it because the amounts that have to be invested are really high to be worth the risk. Once this gets fixed, it might be a good way to boost your income in the long run: just make sure you don’t like the Spam Sweetts.

Resetting Progress
As soon as you reach the Action Games genre, you can reset your progress and start over. Based on the amount of money generated, you will receive more or less followers when you reset. Each follower increases your income by 2% after the reset, so you should definitely wait for the first restart to have at least 50 follower (this means that you will have to play the game for about 24 hours).

You can spend followers to buy upgrades too, but make sure that when you spend them you are actually increasing your profits instead of losing them – the first upgrade costs 10k followers and triples all your income. Make sure that is more than the huge bonus that you’re already getting from the same amount of followers!

This would be it in terms of tips and tricks for Gamedev Empire. If you have other suggestions for fellow players, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below.


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