Welcome back fellow lords of Westeros! We’re once again heading into the war-torn universe of Game of Thrones. Today we’ll be looking at how to get more gold, the precious premium currency in the game. Gold can be used for expediting wait times, purchasing exclusive upgrade items, and more. Our guide on how to get more gold in Game of Thrones: Conquest will show you the various ways of earning gold without paying real money.

Gold can spent on a variety of things that can really give you the advantage, so let’s get started on ourĀ Game of Thrones: Conquest guide on how to get more gold!

Don’t miss the Daily Logins!

Game of Thrones: Conquest has daily login rewards. When you log into the the game for the first time on a new day, you’ll receive a nice little present. It’s usually a resource or something, but every little bit helps right?

If you can manage to log into the game every day at least once for a week straight, the game will reward you with gold. Be careful though – the daily logins must be consecutive and you can’t miss a day. Missing a day will cause your login streak to reset back to day 1, so try to make it a habit of opening the game at least once every day.

Join an allegiance!

In case you missed this from our previous guide, we’ll state it here again. As soon as you get the option to, join an allegiance – any random one will do. Don’t worry, you won’t have to stay in it if you don’t want to. The main point is that you automatically earn a whopping 200 gold upon joining your first allegiance.

You can do a lot with that gold and considering how easy it is to get, you should hop on that chance as fast as you can! Of course, we do recommend eventually finding a populated allegiance, as your fellow allegiance members can come to your aid in the time of crisis.

Research Gold Prospecting!

In the Maester’s Tower, there’s a specific research project under the Economy tab that helps you with gold. This research is called “Gold Prospecting”. Once you’ve attained a high enough level, the mines in your kingdom will become available and you’ll be able to mine for precious ores.

Occasionally, you’ll also be able to find gold in the mines, but your miners gather it at a much slower pace than regular iron. The Gold Prospecting research allows you to speed up this process, giving you more gold in the long run. This research project is about halfway down the tree, and there’s even an upgraded version at the very end of the tree.

So far, those are the best ways to earn gold without paying real money. If you’ve found any other ways, please let us know in the comments below!



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