game of thrones beyond the wall

I am thrilled to announce that for all of you (and me included) waiting for this game and fascinated by the amazing world of Game of Thrones, the new Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall has just got its launch date announced!

If you still don’t know much about the game, then let me tell you about it! Players will be able to recruit their favorite Game of Thrones characters and use their powers to defend against the evil forces. They will be in command of the Night’s Watch and will discover all kinds of amazing features to learn more about the universe of GoT.

game of thrones beyond the wall

There will be features such as The Whispering Woods, which will let players adventure into the past, present and future and explore the world of their desired characters, from Jon Snow to Daenerys and even Tormund Giansbane!

Along with the PvE features, the game will also have battlefields where players can show their might and try to become the strongest! That and many other features will be available in the game! All that you should do is pre-order the game in order to receive some freebies!

game of thrones beyond the wall

If you pre-order the game you will receive the following:

– 10,000 Copper Pennies

– 10 Shards of Jon Snow

– Knight of the Vale

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall will be available only for iOS users for now, but let’s hope for the Android players there will be a release too, soon! You can pre-order the game here!

And now for the long awaited news, the game will launch exclusively first on the App Store for iPhone and iPad on March 26! So stay tunes, pre-order it and prepare to dive even more into the Game of Thrones universe!


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