Joycity’s immensely popular property building game turned fantasy RPG, Game of Dice, is getting a huge new update this week. Expect to find a new map, new gameplay mechanics, and unique costumes arriving in game as part of this big patch.

The update grants players access to the eerie new Cursed Tower map. This special area allows players to use special Runes mid-match. Joycity’s mixing the old with the new in this patch, too, with the new “Map of the Day” feature. Each day, players will have the chance to play a match in a previous seasonal map. It’s the perfect chance to relive past memories or catch up on some content you may have missed.

Game of Dice is changing up its game board, too, with the new “Place Rune” block. When you land on this new space, you’ll get one new property at random and a special skill for a property you already have. Not too shabby.

The new update welcomes some quality of life improvements, too. Hidden Cards are getting a fix, allowing these cards to be attached to different characters if they meet certain conditions. Expect to see new Lucy and Doria costumes sometime soon, too.

If you’ve missed out in the past, now’s the ideal time to give Game of Dice a try. This incredibly addictive board game is reminiscent of monopoly, but with some cool added combat features and a unique fantasy setting.


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