Happy Holidays everyone! As you probably already know, we here at Touch Tap Play enjoy good mobile games. But, have you ever thought of making your own? We know that idea has crossed your mind at some point, and now you can indulge! The game development simulator Game Dev Tycoon is now 50% off for the holidays!

For the uninitiated, Game Dev Tycoon puts you in charge of running a fresh independent game development studio. Name your company, design your own games, watch them sell (or not!), and become one of the biggest gaming studios ever!

To become a Game Dev Tycoon, you will need to hire a good time. You will need to hire artists, designers, programmers, and the like in order to make sure your game is good. Choose the genre, set your team to work, and make sure to research all the new tech.

Once your game is ready, set it to ship, then wait for the reviews to come in. The stress is just like in real life! Game Dev Tycoon is like no other tycoon simulation game, and we cannot recommend it enough.

You can grab Game Dev Tycoon off the App Store for 1.99 USD – half its original price! Let your New Years resolution be to make a game!


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