The Game Boy Advance emulator GBA4iOS is going to receive a lot of new features in an upcoming update. The update will introduce a big redesign meant for iOS 7, taking advantage of its features like the controller support and more.

Among the new features is a built-in web browser which will make searching the web for games more convenient than before. The whole process will be made even better by the Dropbox support.

The list of new features doesn’t end here. Together with the already mentioned iOS 7 controller support, GBA4iOS will also be fully compatible with all Game Boy games, making other Game Boy dedicated emulators useless. Cheat Codes support will also be in, allowing gamers to cheat their way through the thoughest games.

Last, but not least, is that the emulator will finally work on iPads too. This is great news for those games who only own Apple’s tablets and don’t have access to any iPhone. The bigger screen will definitely make some of the games look better as well, even though the original Game Boy Advance resolution is not the best to begin with.

The GBA4iOS latest update should become available soon. Head over to the emulator’s official site to learn more about it and check when the update will be available. You wanted to play Pokèmon games on your iOS devices? Now it will be easier than ever to do so.



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