Blast enemies in deep space dogfighting in Galaxy on Fire 3 Manticore! Galaxy on Fire 3 is a space combat game where you’ll be swerving through station, meteor fields, and more all the while trying to shoot down your enemy in high-speed dog fights! As a new pilot onboard the Manticore, it’s up to you to solve a mysterious catastrophic event surrounding a mining facility. Take down pirate informants to find out who is really behind everything! We’ll help you become an ace pilot with our Galaxy on Fire 3 Manticore cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Change your controls around!

The default sensitivity might be a little too fast for your liking. You can change your sensitivity in the controls for easier/smoother aiming, but another important thing to consider is Aim Assist. When enabled, aim assist will automatically snap your targeting reticle to enemy ships once they’re close enough to your aim. This makes aiming much easier and we highly recommend leaving it enabled, unless you like the extra challenge!

2. Explore!

If you’re waiting on upgrades to finish before you take on another mission, why don’t you take a break and do some exploring? Each sector has explorable zones that you can fly around freely without worrying about combat. Sectors will contain hidden intel files and crates. You’ll need to rely on your drone to sniff out these hidden objects. When you’re flying around, your drone will start to flash yellow when you’re getting close to something. Once it turns green, you’re really close! Once your drone flies off on its own, that means it’s locked onto something. Follow it to claim your reward!

As a general rule, most of the hidden objects will be located around stations or debris. They’ll never be just floating around in empty space. So far, intel only seems to be useful for providing some background info on the characters and world. The crates are the real treasure here, as depending on what type of crate it is you’ll get some goodies that you can use to make your ships stronger.

3. Dog fighting tips!

  • Never take an enemy ship head on. As tempting as it is to keep the enemies in your sight while you auto-fire, they’ll be heading straight for you as well, leaving you open to just as much fire. Try to tail your enemies or juke em; remember to use your dodge roll to avoid enemy fire!
  • Use the brakes! Unlike boosting, braking does not consume your ship’s energy, meaning you can brake for as long as needed. You can use braking for sharper turns, protecting an area, easier aiming, and so forth. Heads up though – aiming is a lot more sensitive when you’re braking.
  • Keep an eye on your shields! If you take too much damage, you’ll see a blue warning symbol in the middle of your screen, meaning that your shields are currently down. Boost out of harm’s way and take cover – if you can avoid taking damage for a couple of seconds your shields will recharge.

4. Watch your objective!

Your HUD will show you icons that vary in color and shapes. Keep an eye out for yellow icons as they are usually related to your main objective. Be especially wary of enemy indicators that have yellow borders around them. The yellow border signifies that it’s a high priority target. For example, on the levels where bombs are heading towards frigates you need to protect, the bombs will have the yellow border. Take them out first!

That’s all for Galaxy on Fire 3 Manticore. If you have any other tips or tricks to share with us, let us know in the comments below!


  1. I’ve explored the second map section one hundred percent and still need 3 special ship parts. The transit to location has no option for exploration. Where are the last three special ship parts?


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