The base building & strategy game Galaxy Factions just received a major update, boosting the gameplay in all areas and adding new content that will certainly keep the players happy. Read on to find out everything about the goodies introduced to the game.

Probably the most important news is related to the Galaxy Factions heroes: not only that a new Ninja-based hero has been introduced to the game, but also the entire hero system has been boosted. Now your heroes can level up, promoted by Medals and there is no longer any need to hire a hero – you can deploy it using Energus.

The troop engineer’s AI has been improved and you will see it at work in the new gameplay mode: Survival, where you will have to test out your base by defending against waves of AI-controlled enemies for nice rewards.

Other changes brought in by the Galaxy Factions upgrade include upgreadable mines, a new resource, an Alliance War Room chat, better daily login rewards and many more! So if you haven’t tried Galaxy Factions yet, now would be a perfect time to do so (available for free via iTunes).


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