Fuse Ballz is a brand new mobile game by Ketchapp and, just like all the games they make, it is deceptively easy and insanely addictive. And we’re here to do our best and help you with some Fuse Ballz cheats and tips.

The concept of the game is simple: launch the colored balls, connect them, see them explode and score as many points as possible. Each exploded ball gives you 4 extra shots, but things will get more and more difficult as you probably know. But our Fuse Balls tips and tricks will help you get the job done!

So let’s not waste a single second! If you’re looking to get a super high score at Fuse Ballz and improve your game, our tips and tricks might help. But remember – your skill and a bit of luck seem to matter the most here!

Keep the balls in the upper part of the screen
For some reason, the balls tend to cram up in the lower part of the screen. When they are at the bottom, hitting them with other balls doesn’t create much traction and interaction and it’s difficult to get them back up. That is why you should always do your best to keep as many balls as possible in the upper parts.

You can do this by using three methods:

– either use a matching ball to create a bigger one and launch it at an angle, so that the resulting ball bounces upwards and/or pushes a few other balls along the way

– if you don’t have a clear shot, use that ball to hit the ones at the bottom, moving them higher

– use the black/grey ball that destroys the ball it hits, but use it to push others in the upper areas as well.

Always look for a match
It’s difficult to always connect shots, but that’s your main goal. So always try to connect two balls: either the one you shoot with another on the board, or use the one you shoot to make another bounce into a matching one.

In order to help you with this, you can always use the sides of the board as well – so put them to good use and pull out some trick shots out of your sleeve!

Make the most out of the grey ball
Sometimes you get this ball that destroys the first ball it hits and explodes, causing quite some movement on the board. Always put it to good use to spread away balls of different colors that are crammed together or remove a ball you don’t need.

Have in mind that you don’t get any extra balls from those removed with the grey one, so it’s better to try and hit the ones that are the smallest.

Take advantage of the ads
You get a free continue in the form of an ad after you lose. This can give you a huge boost because you’re not only getting 3 extra balls, but you’re getting 3 magic ones too!

This means that the 3 free ones can be matched with any ball, giving some momentum and potentially awarding you with even more as you connect them and get the freebies resulting from that.

Therefore, a solid strategy would be that of creating as many large ballz as possible when you’re starting to run out of moves, then watch the ad. If you can make the 3 magic balls you get afterwards to connect and explode, you already have at least 12 extra ones to go for that super high score you’ve always wanted!

These would be our tips and tricks for Fuse Balls. Do you have other strategies or advice to offer fellow players? Let us know by commenting below!


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