Fun Run Arena – Multiplayer Race is one of the best, most intense and fun games I have played recently on my phone. It’s an amazing multiplayer racing game with zany powerups and amazingly designed, quick maps for racing. It’s an absolute blast and I am here to help make the experience even more fun by sharing a bunch of Fun Run Arena cheats and tips that will help you will all your races, unlock all characters and more.

So let’s not waste any time – there’s a lot of fun to be had in the game and it can’t wait. So let’s check out below some Fun Run Arena tips and cheats to improve your game and win everything!

1. Use Power-ups ASAP
Power-ups should be used, in my opinion, as soon as you get them unless you really are in the lead and you have the luxury of being able to wait and see what you get. Otherwise, the race will always be really tight and the one who uses it first will usually get the upper hand. Of course, it’s mostly a luck based thing in most occasions as you don’t know what power-up you’re getting, but in most cases it’s just better to use it ASAP. At least this is how I play to a great success!

2. Learn the tracks
Every now and then, a new track will be released, but until that happens, you should always play and replay all tracks until you know them by heart and know exactly how to play it. There are multiple routes for each track and it’s best if you know what to expect and where the power-ups are, or where the more difficult areas are.

Once you have a favorite track (mine is, right now, the one with the cannons!) make sure that you always vote it when it appears in the menu. You can even use your reloads, if you have them, to try and get your favorite to pop up.

3. How do Power-ups work
I won’t talk about those that you collect during the race and you activate as soon as you tap the power-up button. What I will talk about though is the power-ups that you can buy from the shop. Basically, there are 7 different types of powerups – blades, traps, speed boosts and so on. For each category, you can purchase more power-ups when you meet the requirements. Equipping it actually means that you will only get that type of power-up during races, for each category.

To explain, we’ll take the first category as an example. We have the Sawblade, Explosives and Large Weight right now. If you purchase them all but you equip the Explosives, whenever you pick a power-up during the race and it’s from that category, it will only be Explosives. This means that never during your race you could get a Sawblade or the Large Weight. So play and experience with each and choose the right one for you!

4. Always play the arena via videos
Playing in the arena costs 500 coins or you can watch an ad to unlock it. It is pretty obvious that you should always try to unlock it with the video ad if it is available because 500 coins take a while to get. Plus, you are never guaranteed a win so it’s best not to risk your coins. Arena battles are more difficult, but again if you play them smart you can get some great rewards from them!

5. How to play different types of races
Tapping the three vertical lines near the Play button gives you the chance to select a practice race (if you want to get familiar with a track) or Clan Race. If you select this, you must first invite a member from your clan to join the party and once they accept, you can race against other clans for fame and fortune and nice rewards. Pretty cool!

6. The Shop
There are quite a few interesting things that you can purchase from the shop. Although most of them have absolutely no effect on the game itself, being purely for looks, the “Others” category has some really interesting options. For example, you can purchase the Clan Supporter badge which gives you a 1.5x boost, while other clan members receive a 2% XP boost. You also have the option to buy premium gifts and send them to your friends or get other potions. Check out that menu!

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for Fun Run Arena. This is an amazing game indeed and if you have more tips or cheats to share, let us know by commenting below!


  1. don’t use power ups asap! use them at the right time!

    use the traps on places where people land after a jump, right after these speed boosts on the ground or when someone’s right behind you.

    use the blades right before a wall comes so you can’t get hit by your own blade.

    don’t use the shields when you know there hasn’t been any boxes in the last few meters cuz you won’t get hit anyway. i mostly use them when i’m in the air or when i see clouds.

    use the speed boosts on flat grounds so you can get the maximum of the speed boost. also use them when there’s a speed boost on the ground so these boosts get multiplied together.

    use thunder when everyone’s healed or doesn’t have a shield rn.

    use magnet when your opponents are in the air or climbing a hill.

    • good listing
      in general: don’t use powerups, when enemys are injured(look at upper right corner)

      use shields if thunder or ice clouds are coming up, if you see the large weight coming up to you or if you see a trap in front of you or if you hear the first sound of magnet…you have to be very fast but do not waste your shields.

      find out what powerups combination best fits for you, if you play clan battle, quickplay or arena. in cb large weight and gun can hit only your enemy…in qp use powerups, that hit all.

      play hours for hours, do not bother your real life and get faster, faster faster

    • If it shows the explosion trap for mastery quest make sure when you play, use it and if someone gets killed by the explosion trap that’s how you will pass the quest but you have to do it five times


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