Fun Run 2 Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


It’s that time again, the time where various woodland creatures (and dragons) gather together to compete in a potentially deadly race! Fun Run 2 is a competitive multiplayer racing platformer that pits you against three other players from around the world. Run like the wind, time your jumps, and use your weapons to grasp victory! We’ll help you dominate the competition with our Fun Run 2 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Winning in Fun Run 2 is all about knowing the level and the items, so let’s get started with our Fun Run 2 strategy guide to becoming the best runner!

1. It’s all about the power ups!

Knowing when and where to use which power up is the key to victory. Skill can only get you so far as a lot of the items are unavoidable!

  • Sawblade: Shoot outs a sawblade in front of you that is about as tall as a character. The blade will kill any other players it comes in contact with it. If it hits a wall, it’ll bounce off and roll back the opposite the direction. Disappears after a while.
  • Thunder: Summons a thundercloud that will strike all nearby players. This thing has INCREDIBLE range, so the only surefire way to avoid it is to have a balloon extra life or a shield up.
  • Rifle: When you have the rifle equipped, you’ll notice a red crosshair cycle between all of the players. You can check which player it’s over currently by looking at the position bar at the bottom of the screen. When you use the rifle, whoever has the crosshair on them will be instantly killed. Be careful, the crosshair cycles over you too!
  • Rocket: Straps a rocket to your back. You gain a small speed boost and you can boost a couple times into the air. After a while though, the rocket will explode, killing you with it. If there are any players nearby when this happens though, they’ll be caught in the blast!
  • Bear Trap: Sets down a bear trap at your feet. Any players who run over it are killed instantly! Try to be smart with where you place these.
  • Boxing Glove: Sets down a boxing glove box at your feet. Any players who run into it are sucker punched and sent back a little bit.
  • Magnet: Pulls nearby players who are in front of you back a little bit. Useful for catching up!
  • Balloon: Using this gives you a balloon which acts like a permanent shield. The balloon will stay with you, and if you take a hit from any of the offensive items, it pops.
  • Shield: Acts like a temporary balloon. The shield will protect you from multiple threats several times, but is time limited.

2. The levels aren’t randomly generated!

The levels that you run on are fixed maps, meaning that the layout is always the same. It’ll take a couple runs through of course but try to keep in mind what you’re running through. It’ll come naturally as you play more, but knowing the level layouts is a big part of winning. Try to remember where the speed boosts, item boxes, and big jumps are.

3. Be smart with your starting item!

At the beginning of each race, each player is given a starting item. This item can be anything, so be careful! Some player who start out with an offensive item will try to launch it as fast as they can, so try jumping at the beginning to avoid it. However, some will even jump and then use it, making it extra tricky. If you start out with a balloon or a shield, it might be a good idea to use it right away in case anyone does manage to clip you with a weapon. If you’ve got a weapon yourself, try to wait a split second before you use it to see how your opponents react, then capitalize on it.

4. Stay grounded as much as you can!

Jumping lets you hurdle over obstacles sure, but take care not to jump too much. Every time you do your speed is reduced by a bit, and you might also potentially jump over a speed boost! Knowing when and where to jump is the key. Keep an eye out for obstacles or traps and leap!

5. If possible, try to play over wi-fi!

For the most part, Fun Run 2 does a good job at handling lag, but sometimes you’ll get some oddities, like dying out of nowhere or other players warping around. I highly recommend that you only play if you’re connected to wi-fi, as 3G is a bit unstable for the game. It’ll help reduce frustrations from odd deaths and unusually speedy players.

And there you have it. With this guide you should be climbing the leaderboard in no time! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below.

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Fun Run 2 Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


  1. I got an odd item I never saw before and it’s not listed; at one point in a race I was knocked way behind everyone else by items and whatnot, then a box gave some kind of item that looked like a star, and it teleported me to the guy in front of me

    • you only get that item when you’re incredibly behind. Its purpose is to teleport you to the nearest player so that you have a chance to catch up to others. ^^

    • Bruh when you get to far behind the next powerup you get will instantly allow you to telaport behind the person in 3rd place allowing you to catch up

  2. Best way to use power-ups

    Bear trap/boxing gloves-right after you land from a Jump, get over hill, after speed boost.

    Super speed- top of hill or middle of jump

    Lightning-when others go off jumps and are climbing hills

    Protection-hold till u about to get hit (use balloon instantly.


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