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Fubar Just Give’r Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Getting Lots of Cash

Fubar Just Give’r Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Getting Lots of Cash

FUBAR friends Terry and Deaner have just come up with the ultimate plan to make them get rich quick and they need YOUR help to make their dreams come true in Fubar Just Giver’r!

In this mullet-head idle game, you will help Terry and Deaner become the party fanatics they have always wanted to be, but they will need cash to do so! Open businesses and earn some cash and keep using that cash to attract party go-ers!

In our Fubar Just Giver’r tips and tricks guide, we will go over how to make your business run as efficiently as possible to help you earns lots of party tok’ins and pilz. Let’s get started with our Fubar Just Give’r cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to getting lots of cash!

Open your first business and let the money come in!

To start your capitalist venture, you need to open your first business. On the first floor of Terry’s house, you can tap to unlock the first shop: Cash4Cans. Upon unlocking, the green bar will fill up. Once it is filled, tap on the cash icon to collect the cash.

… and that about covers the main mechanic to Fubar Just Give’r! It is an idle game, so it is to be expected. When you spend money to attract more customers to that shop, it will make each collection worth more.

Spend money to unlock a shop, spend some more to attract customers, and earn all of that money back when the customers are done shopping. You cannot automate just yet, so make sure you keep the game open so you can collect you earnings.

Fill up the customer bar for pilz!

Whenever you upgrade a shop, the customer bar will fill up with more customers. When you completely fill up the bar, the shop will level up, and it will generate even more money over time.

Not only that, but you will also earn some bonus pilz upon filling up the bar. In most cases, the bar will also reset, and filling it up a second time will grant even better rewards. The pilz are what you are after, so make sure to fill up every shop’s bar before moving on.

Pilz are required to upgrade character cards and to remodel a business, so they are very important to hang onto. They are hard to come by earlier on, so try to get as much as you can before you get into the later days.

Complete the day tasks!

To move onto the next day, you will first need to complete a certain amount of tasks. You can check how many tasks you need to complete at the top of the screen. Once you have completed enough, a green flashing button will appear letting you move onto the next day.

Tasks will asks you to do things like collect cash, collect a certain amount of pilz, renovate businesses, and so forth. They are not hard to do and most of the time you will complete them naturally as you play the game.

Completing a task also nets you a free cooler, usually bronze or above, making them the best way to get more character cards and pilz.

Check out the character collection for cash upgrades!

As you open coolers that you earn from completing tasks, you will often earn character cards. Each business has two slots of specific characters, and if you have the character’s card they will show up, boosting the amount of money the shop earns.

If you have enough duplicate cards and pilz, you can upgrade the character card to grant an even bigger money bonus. These multipliers are huge – we are talking like 5x the amount of money you would normally be getting! Some characters are even required for automation, more on that below…

Level up automation characters!

There are some characters that are not assigned to a shop but give a bonus to give’r power universally. The first character like this is Trish, but she also has another important job: she can automate your businesses for you!

Once Trish is high enough level and you have enough cash, you can tap on the green cycle icon to automate that business. Now, whenever the cash is ready to be collected Trish will do it for you.

Automating all of your businesses is the key to making a lot of money over time. For the higher up businesses, you will need to upgrade Trish, so make sure you are constantly opening coolers.

Renovate the businesses!

In addition to getting character cards, you will occasionally receive business cards. Upgrading a business functions just like upgrading a character – it improves the amount of money the business makes and how fast it does it.

Renovating is just as important as character upgrades, if not more. Businesses will always have their upgrades to rely on, while you may not have all of the characters that go in the business. Upgrades are important in earning a lot of money in the long run.

Try out the event for special rewards!

Once you get to day 5, you will have access to the limited time event. There is one happening right now, and it is the fire-starter event.

During the limited time events, you basically go to a second apartment with the same shops. However, the event runs on a separate timer than your regular apartment, meaning that you can let the game go on and the rewards will be available for you to collect, then go back to the regular apartment and get the rewards there too.

For the event that is going on now, you can get matches which can be used to upgrade characters and renovate exclusive businesses. The farther you get in the event, the more rewards you will get for your regular apartment. If you are ever waiting for money to come in, why not check out your event house and see what is happening?

Connect with friends for easy pilz!

If you have friends that play the game, we highly recommend connecting over Facebook. If you do, you can send and receive pilz to your friends. The amount of pilz you get over time starts to slow down pretty fast, so you will need to keep your supply up in order to keep up with your businesses.

Keep upgrading and opening coolers!

From all of this, the most important thing to take away from this is that you need lots and lots of pilz in order to keep upgrading your businesses and characters. Here are all of the ways you get more pils and coolers.

  • You can get a free cooler from the shop every couple of hours. It can hold up to 260 pilz and 25 cards.
  • Every task you clear will reward you with a bronze and above cooler, which hold more pilz and cards.
  • Filling up the customer bar will rewards you with some pilz. You can do this multiple times until the customer bar stops filling up.

And that is all for Fubar Just Give’r! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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