Fruit Hero Legend (titled Fruit Heroes Legend on Android) is a really amazing and easy to play match three game that gamers all ages will love. Although it doesn’t really have a story line, its beautiful graphics and nicely designed levels make it a top choice on mobile if you have some minutes to spare. And we’re here to help you win all stages and get your three star ratings by sharing some Fruit Hero Legend cheats and tips with you.

No matter if you play it on Android or iOS, the game is equally spectacular and an amazing play. And even though it’s relatively easy to play – or at least pretty straightforward – some extra advice never hurts. So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out some Fruit Hero Legend cheats and tips below!

Always make matches trying to anticipate the drops on the board and trying to get as many tiles as possible connect for future matches, especially if you can get some special tiles out of that.

A good strategy in most cases is to try and match towards the bottom of the board – but since you have to actually tap the tiles in order to remove them (unlike many other match-3 games where drops can result in combos), this doesn’t matter that much. So if you have a solid match towards the top, go for it instead!

Special tiles make the difference
These are really good for helping you win each level easily. Rockets, explosives or, even better, the ones that remove all colors of a same type – these are all great to try and get during each play. Combine this with the first tip that I shared and try to wait a little bit, then bring two special tiles together. If you match them, you will get a supper effect that will most likely guarantee the win. So always play with a focus on getting those special tiles.

Use your free boost
Each level that you play gives you a free boost of sorts. These boosts vary from level to level, but they don’t pile up and are lost if you don’t use them. So don’t risk anything and make sure to use the freebies as soon as they’re needed.

Always keep an eye on the requirements
Each level has different requirements and you should always keep an eye on those to make sure that you’re moving in the right direction. You don’t have to match all tiles, at all times, in order to complete a bit of the requirements, but always play with them in mind and make sure that your end game is focused on this and you are playing to tick off those requirements.

Always try to tackle the biggest obstacles first (like blockers and such), and leave the easier tasks for later – as they will usually be completed as you play anyway.

Replay levels
The good thing about this game is that it has no health limits or energy or anything like that. This means that you can replay each level for as many times as it is needed in order to get it right. So take your time and play levels even if you fail them because replays can give you a better board with better tiles, making the whole thing easier to master. This is a fun game and you should treat it like that: a fun experience which sometimes requires a few replays in order to keep on going.

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for Fruit Hero Legend. If you have extra strategies for fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.


  1. How do you get the orange slices to drop in level 1021, can’t seem to get more then 5, for over a week now? Getting ready to delete this game.

    • I figured it out. You have to remove the orange slices by using the bombs and rockets. If you tap the oranges next to each other they reduce to one then there won’t be enough left. Don’t click them together.

    • To me this is the hardest one, but not impossible. I did it after maaaaaany tries.

  2. I’m stuck on level 1005 it’s driving me mental I’ve gone and left the game but then I go straight back to it trying to knock the 6 tiles at the side out it’s so frustrating

  3. I just reached level 77, somehow I am unable to pass it. There are clocks, is it times? I mean what are the rules for this level? Am I missing something?

  4. I am stuck on level 1005. If anyone knows how to get to the far right side to get colors over there or whatever, I would appreciate if anyone has tips!
    Thank you!


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