Frontline Commando 2 is a new shooter game developed by GLU and sequel to the original Frontline Commando. The new game features a gameplay experience not too different from the one of the first game with a few new gameplay elements that make it feel fresh, like squad members with new abilities, more interactive enviornments and boss battles.

Like the first game, Frontline Commando 2 features some IAPs that are sometimes required to obtain all the rewards and see everything the game has to offer. It’s really hard to complete the game without spending some real money, unfortunately. It’s a design choice that some will definitely not like.


If you have just gotten the game and want to learn more about it, you have come to the right place. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you in the game.

  • Upgrades And New Weapons

The game has a wide selection of weapons. Unfortunately, most of them must be bought separately. During the early stages of the game, you probably won’t have any need for new weapons or even upgrades, as the game is still pretty easy. The more you go on, however, the more you’ll need more firepower. In our experience, it’s better to save up and purchase a machine gun or shotgun as soon as possible, since some rewards can only be unlocked with a specific weapon. This doesn’t mean that upgrades are useless. Changes may be small, but they do improve the situation a bit. It all depends on your playstyle and what do you really want to achieve in the game.

  • Avoding Damage

Enemies with rocket launchers are definitely one of the most dangerous enemy types of the game. There’s a simple way to avoid getting damaged by a rocket if you pay attention. Before launching an attack, these enemies will be hiding behind a cover. If you see one doing so, take cover yourself: there’s a good change you will avoid damage.┬áSnipers are another enemy type that can be deadly. But there’s a way to know when they’ll try to fire at you, and that’s when the their laser sights become visibile. If they’re not, you can shoot them without worrying about getting damaged or killed.

  • Covers And Reloading

The Cover action is the one you will be performing the most during the game. There’s a way to make covering more useful: by using the reload button. This not only will keep you always loaded and ready to shoot, but it will also allow you to take cover.





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