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Frontier Justice Guide: Tips & Cheats To Run Your Town Efficiently

Frontier Justice Guide: Tips & Cheats To Run Your Town Efficiently

The wild west is calling, so strap on your boot, grab your six-shooter, and don your hat – it is time to turn to the cowboy in Frontier Justice, a wild west themed base building strategy game. After you liberate a troubled town, it is up to you to lead its growth. Construct saloons, satbles, hotels, and railway stations to slowly build up your awesome cowboy town!

In our Frontier Justice tips and tricks guide, we will show you the basics of running your western town and how to make it grow quickly. This game is very similar to other base building games, so you will know exactly what to do if you are familiar with the genre. If you are not, do not worry, we have you covered with our Frontier Justice cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to run your town efficiently!

Follow the Chapter Quests

Frontier Justice is a pretty straightforward game so you should always have some idea of what to do next. The game’s main progress is split into story chapters, and every time you complete all of the quests in a chapter you will move onto the next one.

At any point you can tap on the banner at the bottom left to see what your current chapter quest is. You can also see the full list of quests if you want to work on something else. For example, the game will often tell you to upgrade your Town Hall, but this is usually reserved for after you complete every other quests. Feel free to consult your chapter quest list for a full list of what to work towards next!

Collecting Resources

In order to keep your town running, you need to ensure that you have enough supplies. The main two resources that you need to keep track of our food and lumber. Lumber is used to construct the various buildings around town, and food is used to keep your townspeople satiated and happy.

You have structures that are dedicated for resource collecting, like Homestead for food and Lumber Shacks for lumber. These structures will automatically generate resources for you over time, but you need to make sure to come back and collect them. The structures have a cap on how many resources they can hold at once, so you need to manually empty them out so that they can keep on generating resources.

Some structures will also periodically drop off random resource packs to you. The first structure that does this is your Railway Station, as it will receive shipments from neighboring towns. These too must be collected before the station can receive another one. Staying on top of your town’s resources is the way to victory!

Later on, you will eventually unlock the Tax Man’s Office. Here you can collect taxes in hte form of any resource you want, with more resources being available the higher level you are. You get free collections every day, so make sure to stop by and claim your free collections before the day is over and they are wasted.

Train Units to Build up your Army

Outside of your town lies a massive world full of dangers, resources, and other players. In order to get anywhere in Frontier Justice, you will need to build up a respectable army. Not all of your encounters with other players will be hostile, but you never know who is a friend or foe!

The Gunsmith is where you will train outlaws to fight for your cause. Each outlaw has strengths and weaknesses, so make sure that you are not focusing on just one type of outlaw as that will be easy to break apart. Try to make a diverse group to cover as many grounds as possible. You will eventually unlock more training stations that allow you to make the more advanced units, so take a look at those as well.

When you fight critters (NPC enemies), players, or captured resource nodes out in the world, you will need to send a raid group to take care of it. Assign units carefully – the game will tell you your odds of success depending on how strong your foe is.

Heroes and their Powers

Heroes are special units in the game. You will start out with a few heroes, but you can unlock more over time. Heroes can be placed in raid groups to dramatically increase the raid’s power to significantly increase the odds of the raid group winning.

That is not all they can do though! Heroes belong to one of three different categories: battle, development, assist. The game will eventually allow you to assign a hero to a building, and assigning the right hero will provide the building with some special buffs.

Battle heroes have skills that boost the power of certain units during combat. As the name suggests, these heroes are best suited for raid groups to power up the rest of your units.

Development heroes have skills that increase the production rates of resource buildings. Some Development heroes will increase the yield of your Homesteads, decrease the amount of time it takes for your Lumber Shacks to gather lumber, and so on.

Assist heroes have skills that make unit training and other buildings more efficient. There are skills that increase training speed, increase healing speed, and more.

As you can see, each hero has their own specialty and it will do you a lot of good to make sure you are using their talents in the right places. Your hero roster starts small at first, but you can unlock more by visiting the Waterin’ Hole. Make it a habit of coming here every day, because you can perform the free single recruit five times a day, with waiting periods between attempts.

Recruits will provide you with hero fragments, and when you have enough fragments you can summon the hero to add them to your roster. The Advanced hero recruit can net you stronger heroes, but you need special recruitment cards to use it.

In addition to the hero recruitment, you can also do a skill research for free five times a day. This one rewards you with items that you can use on heroes to help them learn new skills, which will strengthen their natural abilities.

Be Liberal with your Boosters

You can instantly finish a building’s construction time if the remaining time is short enough. If the remaining time is long still, you can use boosters to speed it up. Do not be afraid to use these if you are looking at a long wait time – you get a lot them by simply progressing through the main story, so if you do not want to wait, go ahead!

As a matter of fact, take a quick peek inside your inventory every now and then. The game loves to reward you with consumable items that immediately grant you a large amount of resources, like food, steel, lumber, and more. If you are ever hurting for some resources, check your inventory – you might have a nice surprise waiting for you.

Boss Skills and Research

If you tap on your portrait at the top left, you can see your personal stats. You can tap on the curled up book at the bottom to view your boss skills. There are three categories for boss skills: combat, development, and assist, similar to the hero skills.

As you progress through the story and level up, you will gain boss points which you can use to learn new boss skills. Combat skills increase your units’ effectiveness in battle, development skills make your town run more efficiently, and assist skills help with auxiliary stuff, like faster stamina regen and faster troop marching speed. Be sure to spend your skills on the areas you want to strengthen up – it is better to focus on one tree at first before spreading your points across the different trees.

Once you build the Library, you can also perform research projects. Research functions just like the hero and boss skills in that they offer permanent buffs to your town or troops. There are five categories: resources, town development, town defense, military, and tactics.

To start a research, you need a building requirement plus some resources. Unlike the other types of skills, research takes time to complete so you will not feel the bonuses right away. However, this means that they are also much easier to get, you just need to wait longer. Stay on top of your research and always have a project going to keep boosting your town.

That is all for Frontier Justice! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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