From Zero to Hero Tips: Cheats & Guide to Become President

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Zero to Hero is an interesting life simulation game with some interesting approaches to the genre, challenging to build up your character from a homeless nobody all the way up to becoming president. And we’re here to help you do that by sharing some From Zero to Hero cheats and tips in our complete guide.

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This is a game that I have recently discovered, even though it’s been around for some time. It’s one of those games like Bitlife – the insanely popular life simulator game, but with a slightly different approach and less of a free-form play involved. I mean, you always have to do whatever you can to become president.

So let’s see what can be done do achieve this seemingly impossible goal by checking out some From Zero to Hero tips and tricks below!

Game plays in real time (so take advantage of that!)

Unlike most other games of this type, From Zero to Hero: Cityman plays in real time. Time passes only when you have the app running on your phone, so make sure to always have a plan when you launch the game, so that you get the most for your time.

The game also had a daily log-in bonus that awarded you a lot of money, and you were able to exploit this by simply logging in daily for a few seconds until you amassed a real fortune… but that’s no longer the case unfortunately, so you will have to do without this great bonus.

Stay away from unnecessary risks

There are two very risky places where you can make a lot of money or lose your entire fortune in one go: the slightly-less risky stock exchange, and the riskier method of betting on black. Or red. Or whatever. Don’t do it!

Money is difficult to get in the game and risking all your progress on that tiny ball and number/color it lands on is not worth it.

However, you have a few more chances of really making money taking advantage of the stock market – although in order to really reap in the profits there, you will have to invest a lot.

However, the stock market usually follows a (random) but similar pattern over time: it has highs and lows and it’s pretty much clear that you should buy when the stock market is down and sell when it’s high.

Simply look at the graphs and always make purchases when the arrow is at its lowest and sell when it’s as high as possible.

But this is a risk too, so don’t put all your money here as you can end up losing it all. Instead, practice a lot first until you learn how the stock market goes in the game and afterwards invest more.

Keep an eye on stats and character details

Your character has two main stats that affect everything in the game – happiness and health, but they are influenced by a ton of factors.

This is why you should always look at the main screen, where the details about your character are shown. You will see there what makes him happy – and especially unhappy.

Address those issues ASAP because they usually come with big penalties and it’s impossible to run a solid character long term without fixing what makes him unhappy.

Always look at the requirements for the next job

Progression is relatively simple in Zero to Hero: you have to always get the best job possible until you eventually get to become the president – this being the ultimate goal.

Jobs have strange requirements, though, so make sure to always look at the requirements for the next job as soon as you upgrade, in order to prepare for it.

Dress for the job and vice-versa (relationships, too)

As you advance through the game, the jobs you can get will require you to have specific skills – education, but also clothes, housing and even a specific relationship status.

However, in most cases having better clothes or a better car will not give you any advantage except for the fact that you can get a better job. Therefore, it’s a good idea to only get those right before getting the promotion in order to keep costs as low as possible.

The same goes about relationships and everything in the game: remember that your goal is to become president, so do everything at the right time in order to have the money required to live a happy life.

Education is key (so speed it up!)

The most annoying thing in the game is education which takes a ton of time and is extremely expensive.

But you can speed up your learning process by watching ads – and you should do that early on especially when the ads really help you get that next degree faster. Later on, you need more and more time to progress, but ads always help (and keep the costs low).

Alternately, you can always watch ads for some extra money when funds are tight or when your expenses are higher than your income.

Planning is also key

Basically everything you do in this game has to be planned from the beginning, with your main goal being that of optimizing costs and time as good as possible in order to reach your goal ASAP.

However, this doesn’t mean that you always have to rush through jobs and buy the most expensive options available at a given moment. On the contrary!

Since education is so expensive in the game (and paying for your car and everything else is too), sometimes it’s best to simply sit tight, amass a bit of money and stick to your current job and only afterwards make the leap forward.

Always plan your moves and time them appropriately and you will have no problem becoming president!

These would be our Zero to Hero tips and tricks for beginners. If you have some additional advice that we did not cover in our article, don’t hesitate to let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.

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From Zero to Hero Tips: Cheats & Guide to Become President

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