I love birthday parties and it’s pretty obvious that Apple is that type of company that knows how to have an amazing party. And I am sure it will be one you will absolutely love too, since they are celebrating with free games for everybody. And they are offering some amazing premium titles for purchase, titles that I am sure you will love playing for free from now on.

I am sure you are curious to find out what games are offered for free and, more important, you can’t wait to get to the download link, so let me share these links with you. I won’t bother describing each game to you since they are all really good games and should be considered must download titles now that they’re free!

  • Tiny Wings as well as the iPad version
  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
  • Infinity Blade 2
  • Badland
  • Where’s My Water

So yes, we have some real reasons to celebrate and Apple did strive to deliver a varied selection of games to keep everybody pleased. And when we’re talking about free iPhone games, we can only be pleased!



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