Free Fur All – We Bare Bears Minigame Collection Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


The Bare Bears are finally on iOS with a chaotic mash of minigames! Free Fur All – We Bare Bears Minigame Collection is exactly what it sounds like on the tin – help guide the bears through a series of wacky events based on the hit Cartoon Network show! We’ll help you “bare” the responsibility with our Free Fur All cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Panda selfie!

The objective here is to decorate as many selfies of Panda as you can in the time limit. It starts out easy and simple, but before you know it the screen will be covered in stickers and you will be scrambling to find the right ones. After each selfie is done, try to move the extra stickers you didn’t use around into empty spaces. Don’t let the stickers overlap; once they do, it can get really hard to dig around for the right stickers. Also, if you complete a selfie fast enough, you’ll get a radical selfie bonus that nets you more points!

2. Way of the Bear!

Press your finger onto the light ball, then slide it across the indicated line. You get bonus points for doing it quickly and precisely – if you can get the ball to the end without going out of the boundaries you’ll get a perfect slide bonus.

3. The Wheel Deal!

Your typical tilting driving game. Tilt your device to steer, and pull up to brake. Tilt very gently; the sensitivity on steering is pretty sensitive. Brake often! There are many twists and sharp turns. Also, sometimes it might even be better to take the grass route. You gain more speed on dirt paths, but there are situations where just cutting through the grass will get you to the checkpoint faster.

4. Bearista!

Be sure to let go about a second early. Panda will continue to pour the drink for a second after you lift your finger off the screen. Try not to spill! If you get too much drink on the counter, you will have to spend precious time wiping it. Remember that the cups do NOT have to be filled to the brim in order to be sent out. They just need to be about 80% full!

5. Flippin’ Awesome!

There’s not too much to this one besides finding the sweet spot. You need to lift your device up with enough force that the pancake flips high, but not high enough to hit the ceiling. Just be wary of kitchen winds and make sure to catch the pancake on the way down!

6. Sample King!

This one is pretty simple too. Just swipe all the good foods up towards Grizz and swipe the green, stinky foods away. Occasionally a candy will be offered; eating this will get you bonus points!

That’s all for the Bare Bears! If you have any other tips or tricks, leave a comment below!

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Free Fur All – We Bare Bears Minigame Collection Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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