Free Fire Battlegrounds brings the survival battle royale mayhem to mobile devices! Heavily inspired by games like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Free Fire Battlegrounds is a third-person survival game where you’re put against 60 other players to see who will be the last player standing! Our Free Fire Battlegrounds cheats and tips will sharpen your survival instincts and bring you closer to that coveted number one rank!

There’s a battle to be won, and like PUBG itself this game is all about getting the jump on your enemies before they can. Let’s get started with our Free Fire Battlegrounds cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Choose an isolated drop point!

As is the case with any PUBG clone, you’re starting dropping point is very important. You want to drop near cities or towns, but not exactly on top of them.

Remember that a bunch of other players probably have the same idea as you, and if you’re too close, they might be able to shoot you right out of the sky! That’s why it’s a good idea to land near the outskirts of a town. That way you’re not too far away from potential loot but also not close enough for players to see you and take you out.

Keep an eye on the safety zone!

Remember to always glance over at the minimap to see the current safety zone, which is highlighted by a white circle. When it comes time for the zone to shrink, you’ll see a new white circle appear. Head there as soon as possible but also be on the lookout – this is prime time for camping players to pick off players running around in the open. Which brings us to our next tip!

Move between cover!

Try to minimize exposure to open fields as much as possible. When you need to travel long distances, either sprint the whole way or stay crouched to avoid drawing attention. You’ll be picked off the easiest when you’re a sitting duck in the middle of an open field. Scope our where the closest building or cover is, then move as fast as you can to it.

Watch for danger spots!

Not only is the minimap helpful for navigation, but it can also warn you of potential nearby threats. If you hear gunfire or explosions or anything of the sort, keep an eye on the minimap for orange blips. These tell you where the sounds are originating from and they can be helpful for pinpointing where enemies are. If you’re the first one to get the jump, you’re almost guaranteed to take them down!

Find the essential gear!

To increase your chances of survival you’ll need the essential pieces of gear. Find them as soon as you can!

  • Helmets protect your head and significantly reduce damage from headshots. You never know when a player is watching you from afar so helmets can really save your life!
  • Backpacks increase your carrying capacity. This is self-explanatory so grab one as soon as you can!
  • Vests protect your torso and reduce damage from body shots. These are practically required for close-quarters combat.

Each of these items (plus gun attachments) actually have levels to them, with the max being level 3. Find the max versions and you’ll be good to go!

That’s all for Free Fire Battlegrounds! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


    • Well,Here are some TRICKS which I found by experience:
      1)Always tap-fire. This compensates the recoil [of the weapons especially ARs and SMGs]… Holding down the fire button will land a couple of shots at the starting, but then due to the recoil the bullets go wide.
      2)Get a PAN. Always! If someone is firing at you from behind, it will most likely hit the pan 70% of the time unless you are real close to them(that reduces the percentage to 20).
      3)When you sprint, the trick to get max movement speed is to hold either a handgun(USP=0 mov speed reduction,Desert Eagle=very slight mov speed reduction) or run bare hand. If you have a melee weapon like pan or parang,dont hold on to it. It reduces your movement speed just as much as any weapon in your hands)(MOST PEOPLE DO THIS, NOT EFFECTIVE for 2 reasons:The reduced movement speed factor and You lose the protection it provides from behind when it is slung on your waist)

      5)Late Game: get a shotgun and an AR. SMGs are really weak against lvl 3 vests and helmets.
      6)Sentry Towers are one of the best place to hold in SOLO,Duo and Squad. I once held a Sentry Tower solo against 4 squads scoring 15 kills(Have A SHOTGUN IN CASE PEOPLE RUSH AT YOU). Always go for a Sentry Tower if it is inside the SAFE ZONE. WATCH OUT for 2 things:People camping in the sentry towers,and the hills surrounding it.(IT is best if you choose a Sentry Tower where people cant see from a hill).
      7)AWM scores an instant kill if it is a HEADSHOT(regardless of a LVL3 helmet).
      8)Riding a Tut-Tut is a BAD IDEA. Provides 0 COVER.

      I lost my First ID. My current INGAME ID:CursedWings. 80% TOP 10 RATE. Feel Free to ask any kinds of questions about the game. I LOVE THIS GAME!

  1. Do you guys like squads I personally hate them as you always get trash teammates even if u are a skilled player u won’t be able to win it on your own

  2. How do i change my location because all the guys are lame in my area..To be frank its not even my country..It shows Singapore,most probably the clisest server but how do I Change it

  3. One question
    #i’m from Malaysia..and i play this game also in Malaysia..but why my Region in the game is Singapore..hope somebody can answer my question..have a Great day guys

  4. hey guys
    i dont think so groza is tge BEST GUN EVER in free fire
    in my opinion AWM is the best
    1 headshot =1 kill
    what’s better tgan that ?????
    if u ghys also accept my statment,reply to me


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