Frag Pro Shooter is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Oh BiBi. The game offers everything a shooter needs: FPS and TPS mode, auto shoot, and adjustable controls to fit your playing style. In Frag Pro Shooter, players must select five different heroes, and the primary objective is to destroy their opponent base.

There’s a total of 36 characters in Frag Pro Shooter that players can upgrade as well. However, each character has its own strengths and weaknesses. Hence, it is essential to choose the best ones while playing the game.

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With that being said, the most asked question arises here “What are the best characters in Frag Pro Shooter?” Well, keep reading this guide to find out the answer.

Before moving forward, the readers must note that all the characters have been ranked from Tier S (the best ones) to Tier C (the worst ones).

Frag Pro Shooter Tier List – Tier S (The Best Characters)

  • Shino (Heavy)
  • Striker (Mechanized)
  • Volcano (Infantry)
  • Laika (Mechanized)
  • Baron Voodoom (Digital)

Frag Pro Shooter Tier List – Tier A

  • Amelie (Infantry)
  • Meduza (Light)
  • Scout & Nutty (Heavy)
  • Bot Mama (Mechanized)
  • Lucha Muerta (Heavy)
  • Long Shot (Infantry)
  • Smoker (Light)
  • Freeze-B (Infantry)
  • Quarter-BK (Heavy)

Frag Pro Shooter Tier List – Tier B

  • Vlad (Light)
  • Ape Suit (Mechanized)
  • Prisoner-99 (Heavy)
  • Cyber Cop (Mechanized)
  • Jet (Light)
  • Slimer (Light)
  • Cyber Girl (Digital)
  • Rick Rock (Infantry)
  • Genkis (Heavy)
  • Desperados (Mechanized)
  • Jack ‘EL Padre’ (Infantry)

Frag Pro Shooter Tier List – Tier C (The Worst Characters)

  • Dr. Frost (Heavy)
  • Pocahunter (Light)
  • Cleo (Infantry)
  • Jay B (Infantry)
  • Dan (Infantry)
  • Eagle Eye (Light)
  • Mecha Knight (Mechanized)
  • Virus (Digital)
  • Andrometa (Mechanized)
  • Big Paku (Heavy)
  • Quertza (Infantry)

Note: The above list is arranged from community reasoning and opinions. So it is quite possible that your favorite characters might not be on the top of this tier list.

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