Forza Street Guide: Tips & Cheats To Winning More Races


The ultimate streets racing experience has finally graced mobile platforms! Forza Street, the mobile version of Microsoft’s premiere racing series is here and it brings authentic street racing and blazingly fast speeds. With plenty of real world cars to choose, from muscle cars to street cars, there is a ride for everyone!

In our Forza Street tips and tricks guide, we will help you become a better racer. We will give you some pointers on drive timing and how to get lots of credits so that you can start building your collection. Let’s get started with our Forza Street cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to winning more races!

Taking Corners Effectively

Timing is everything in Forza Street. Taking corners effectively will reduce the amount of speed you lose when your enter a turn, and your boost meter will fill up giving you the opportunity to pull ahead of your opponent after coming out of a turn.

When a corner is coming up, you will see a yellow and red dashed line going through the turn. As your car approaches the turn, get ready to let go of gas. If you look closely at the yellow entry point, you will see a part of it is glowing – as soon as your car enters the glowing part, let go immediately to perform a perfect gas/brake.

It should be noted that the braking section (the first yellow area) of the turn has the glowing part closer to the end of the yellow area. The gas section (the second yellow area) of the turn has the glowing part closer to the beginning of the area!

The closer you are to the glowing section when you gas or brake, the more boost you will receive and the less speed you will lose. The timing ratings go from OK, to GOOD, to GREAT, to PERFECT. If you act too soon or too late, you will get an EARLY or LATE penalty, resulting in a lot of speed lost.

To work on your timing, keep an eye on the front of your car. As soon as the front enters the glowing area, hit the gas or brakes. There is really nothing more to it than this other than practice, so keep at it and soon you will be hitting perfects all the time!

Using Boost Wisely

Your boost meter is comprised of two rings. When one ring is done filling, the next ring will start to fill. For the most effective boost, wait until both rings are filled, as boosting from a full tank will result in a bigger speed boost. You can use boost earlier in a pinch if you need to, but if you can help it, it is always better to wait until both rings fill up.

The earliest way of generating boost is the starting launch. Keeping your gas in the good area will start you off with half a ring full, and getting a perfect launch will instantly fill your first ring at the beginning of the race.

Timing your launch is key to getting a good head start, so here is a little trick: tap and hold until your gas fills up all the way to the perfect green zone, then start rapidly tapping gas to keep your rev bouncing between the green and yellow zones. With some luck, you should be able to land in the green zone when the count down is finished.

The best time to boost is when you are coming out of a turn and onto a straightaway. Do not boost into a corner, as you will waste the boost since you will be forced to slow down.

Setting the Right Difficulty

When you come face to face with an event racer, they will challenge you to a race. Before the race starts, you have the option of setting a difficulty, which increases your opponent’s PI (performance index). Your cars have a PI of their own, so use this as a way to gauge how difficult an opponent will be.

Easy will lower the opponent’s PI, while normal is their regular PI, and hard will up their PI by a little bit. The final difficulty option is dynamic, and it is only available to you if you have at least a 20+ PI advantage over your opponent’s base PI. This mode scales your opponent to your PI, making it an even match no matter how much you outclass them.

Winning on easy rewards you with 100 event score, normal 200, hard 300, and dynamic 500. The harder you make it for yourself, the more score you will earn, which means better challenge rewards at the end.

Take the first few event races on normal or easy just to get used to it, then once you are comfortable we recommend playing on hard as much as you can. This is of course assuming that your PI is as close as possible to your opponent’s – if the gap is too large, then it is better to stick to normal difficulty.

Choosing the Right Car

Every car in the game is categorized by rarity, class, and era. A car can have up to five stars, and this is representative of the car’s potential and how strong it can be come. Stick to using your highest car works for the most part, but certain events will force you to use specific class cars and such.

Each car has stats, but oddly enough you cannot view them anywhere but the screen when you are prepping for a race. Tap on the stats button at the bottom to show the stats of both cars.

  • Acceleration determines how fast the car can get up to top speed.
  • Braking determines how fast the car can slow down to get ready for a turn.
  • Handling determines how efficiently the car can take a turn.
  • Launch determines the car’s speed after a launch.
  • Speed determines the car’s max speed.

Some cars have better stats in different areas, so check your lineup before you commit. For the most part, sticking with the car that hast the most PI will get you through most of the game, but if you are having trouble on a particular course it may help to take a closer look at the stats.

Earning More Resources

Challenge cards are the most important resource in the game, as they are needed to get tuning kits and credits. You earn challenge cards when you finish an event, and the more races you do on higher difficulties, the more cards you will earn.

When you are going through an event for the first time, you may have noticed that certain paths are blocked off, and taking one path will lock you to it until the end. In order to go down the alternate paths, you need to replay the event.

If you manage to complete all possible paths on an event and collect all of the rewards on the map, the event is considered dominated and you will earn bonus rewards, including gold and premium chips. This is a great way to boost your resources, so makes sure to go back and replay earlier events to get 100% completion on them.

Upgrading Cars

The easiest way to upgrade your cars is to simple autotune and use all of your tuning kits on them to upgrade their PI. You can get more tuning kits by opening the challenge cards acquired from the event races.

Once you progress far enough in the story, you will also start encountering upgrade parts. To upgrade the car, you will need to collect the required parts, which can be found in the part cards. You can open these with part chips found in the event races. These grant a bigger PI boost than the tuning kits because it is harder to get the parts required, but it is worth the effort!

Cannot beat a racer? Upgrade!

Forza Street is a pretty straightforward game, and if you ever get stuck with a difficult opponent, do not worry – just go back and replay earlier events so that you can collect more challenge cards and resources.

Eventually you will be able to boost your PI way higher than your opponents, which will pretty much guarantee victory as long as your gas and brake timing is decent enough. You will get more practice when you go back to dominate event races anyways, so there is no harm in it!

That’s all for Forza Street. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Forza Street Guide: Tips & Cheats To Winning More Races


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