Forged Fantasy: Best Heroes in the Game (Tier List) and How to Set Up the Perfect Team

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Would you like to know which are the best heroes in Forged Fantasy, so that you can focus on leveling them up and evolving them, to have the best team in the game? This is exactly what we’re going to share with you in today’s article, although you will see that things are a bit more complicated than they seem…

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The thing is that there are 27 characters in the game and even though we’ve shared some tips and tricks on how to unlock them all, it’s not going to be easy.

Even the most active players will have a tough time unlocking all characters if they don’t plan to spend real life money on them – and even those who do won’t have an easy job getting them all.

Which means that a list of the best heroes in the game might not do you too much good if you don’t have the heroes unlocked. However, I’m taking a slightly different approach here and instead I will share a tier list with you which, in my opinion, will help you better sort out through the heroes you have unlocked and allow you to create the best possible team based on the options you have on hand.

Remember that the general rule of thumb is that rarer heroes (which have more stars and/or require more shards to unlock) are better than the lower tier ones. So as soon as you get a 3-star hero, you can safely use them to replace any 1 or 2 star heroes in your setup, especially if they have the same role.

Finally, when deciding which are the best heroes in Forged Fantasy, there are two extra things to consider:

1. The rock, paper, scissors mechanics of the game. Blue (Water) beats Orange (Fire) which Beats Green (Nature) which beats Blue.

2. The different in-game roles: Healers (support units), Damage Dealers (the ranged units) and the Tanks (melee units)

It’s usually a good idea to mix and match, have at least one healer in the team and 1-2 tanks.

With all these in mind, let’s see which are the best characters to fill each of the roles in your team. I’m creating this Forged Fantasy tier list based on the number of shards that are required to unlock each character.

As I said, it’s generally better to use a rarer character instead a more common one as soon as you have unlocked one (unless you managed to evolve a lower character to more stars, when things get more complicated and personal preference comes into play).

Best 10 Shard Heroes in Forged Fantasy

Note: I am including the starter characters here as well since we don’t really know their “price”.


Bern is the best hero early on, in my opinion. He’s the only one I play as when manually fighting and I absolutely love him. He is extremely fast, deals a ton of damage and manages to stay alive without too much work. Plus, it’s relatively easy to get Fragments to star him up.


A solid melee hero that could also be in your team for a long time. Extremely easy to star up, he has good, damage dealing skills and decent stats overall. Not the best hero in the game to have up front, but definitely a good choice.


I would say that he’s better than the early healers that you get in the game. He has lots of health and taunts enemies, shielding himself as well. The can also shield teammates later on as you increase his equipment status, which is an added bonus.

He’s a bit difficult to play, so if you can’t really make ends meet with him, go for a more traditional support/healer like Aura or, even better, the ones recommended below.

Best 30 Shard Heroes in Forged Fantasy

Note: Probably the weakest set of heroes, in my opinion. All the 30-shard ones are really bad.


One of the best heroes early on in the game, easy to farm as well. He’s a solid replacement for Ram in my opinion, since he acts as both a damage dealer and healer. A really good hero!

Niu Niu

I’ll be honest with you: Niu Niu is here mainly because I didn’t want to feature just one hero in this category, but I honestly don’t like him too much. He’s a frontline Tank unit that heals allies instead of damaging enemies, deals little damage by itself and is utterly unspectacular.

But if you really have nothing else to choose from, I guess Niu Niu could work, especially if you pair him up with a solid set of massive damage dealers.

Best 60 Shard Heroes in Forged Fantasy


Now if you’re looking to deal damage, there’s no better option for a long while than Oshka. This Orc warrior is absolutely amazing: apart from dealing a ton of damage, she has an amazing second skill (unlocked at Blue) which can stun opponents for up to 6 seconds! One of the most overpowered heroes at the moment, so take advantage of her ASAP!


Another damage dealer with tons of health, one that goes up front and personal with the enemy. I really like her (maybe because she’s the first 60-shard hero that I have unlocked, I dunno) and I really manage to see her fit in any team build. Solid hero to have for damage dealing.


The best healer in the game, in my opinion. Although I am not a big fan of the fact that he deals damage to himself to heal others, he’s actually healing the entire team, which is a huge bonus compared to those who only heal a single member.


An interesting hero that has a bit too little health for a frontline one, but he somehow makes everything work. Not really a team player as his skills boost him alone (and deal some damage), but paired up with a nice tank and a healer, he’s lethal.


Slow but lethal, this is Core. This rock monster has a ton of health and is really difficult to destroy. He can easily take out lower health enemies despite the fact that he is so slow, but it requires a bit of playing to learn how to take advantage of his strengths.

The AI doesn’t play Core well at all, so if you decide to get him into the starting line-up, you should play as him to make sure that he’s not useless.

Best 165+ Shard Heroes in Forged Fantasy


For a hero that requires 585 Fragments to be unlocked, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see her listed here at the top. She is extremely powerful and I would consider her a Bern replacement when (or IF) you unlock her. This is not really a big thing to say about her, but a renewal of my trust for Bern who’s an amazing hero.

But with Warden, you get a 6-star character from the get-go, some amazing skills aimed at dealing massive damage and perfect skills. Plus, she’s really fast to play with and she could become your favorite.


She deals a ton of damage, but is a bit too fragile for my liking. However, she has amazing skills and if you play her instead of letting the AI do the job for you, you can really take advantage of her unique skills. Just make sure you can actually keep her alive for as long as possible!

Hu Shen

Another massive damage dealer with minimal health – but at least she has the potential of recovering some after you unlock her Epic skill (difficult job though!). Just like all the expensive heroes, she’s difficult to star up (as you can only do it with real money / Hero chests unless she appears in one of the other stores), but even at 5 stars you can’t complain!

How to Set up the Best Team in Forged Fantasy

Setting up the best team in the game is something that is entirely based on what heroes you have on hand and how upgraded they are.

In all cases, a level 1 Warden with no points invested in her skills will be a worse choice than a level 15… anybody else. The idea is that heroes get a lot better as you equip them and invest into their skills. So make sure that you really work on the best of the best.

A good idea, when creating your perfect team in Forged Fantasy is to look at my list of the best heroes above and focus on improving the ones you have that are also on my list.

Next, it’s deciding what approach to go for and I recommend a team setup like this:

– two frontline units. I recommend going with two damage dealers like Oshka and Tink, but you can play it a bit safer with one damage dealer and a tank. Something like Oshka and Core – that would be a nice combo up front.

– two backline units. These are some massive damage dealers, maybe with some support capabilities. Something like a Bern and Stratus or Hu Shen. Or, since the ranged units are not that great apart from the ones mentioned (or the really expensive ones), switch to another frontline damage dealer, like Partisan.

– one wildcard. Normally, I would suggest getting some sort of a support unit here, with healing capabilities. Our team setup is heavy on the damage dealing, but not as good on the support side. So choose Undertow or Seeper if you have him. If not, go with Ungol instead.

So these would be my thoughts on the best heroes in Forged Fantasy, as well as how to use them to create an amazing team. You might have a different approach – I’ve seen many play with a less offense-focused approach and more supports, so feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Forged Fantasy: Best Heroes in the Game (Tier List) and How to Set Up the Perfect Team

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