Welcome to ForgeCraft, the idle clicker game that puts you in the shoes of a renowned blacksmith. The town guards are depending on your gear, so you’ll need to put your skills to the test by crafting all sorts of swords, shields, and more. Our ForgeCraft cheats and tips will show you how to make the most money for your efforts.

ForgeCraft is just like any other idle game, so you’ll need to manage your time away and your active clicks carefully. Let’s get started with our ForgeCraft cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Get the auto-selling improvements!

Buying assistants will allow you to generate idle gold… sort of. There’s an assistant for every piece of gear, and you’ll need to unlock each. The first level of assistant is free, so remember to always unlock them as soon as you purchase a new recipe. Assistants will craft the item over time, but you’ll need to come back to collect and sell it.

However, if you can invest enough gold to buy auto-selling improvements, assistants will sell the gear for you. You can tell if a piece of equipment has auto-selling if there’s a red A next to it on the gear list. The more pricey the piece of gear, the more expensive the improvement will be, but it’s a good investment. This is the best way for generating idle income.

Watch those advertisements!

When you leave the game for a while, you’ll eventually come back to the gold you amassed while you were idle. The game will present you with an option to double the gold if you watch a short advertisement, and we highly recommend you do so if you have the time.

Depending on how long you were away, doubling you earnings can really rack in the dough, so it’s well worth your time!

Save your rubies for boosts!

Rubies – the premium currency of the game – are pretty tough to come by. You can get them in exactly two ways: from the daily gifts and completing achievements. With that said, what should you spend them on?

Well, there’s the minigames. These minigames are simple little distractions that costs 3 rubies to play. The better you do in these games, the more gold you can earn from them. Just gold though, and for that reason we don’t recommend you spend your rubies on them. It’s worth noting though that there are some achievements that require you to play each game at least once, so you sort of get a refund on your rubies!

Instead of the minigames, save up your rubies for the boosts which can be found in the shop. Most of these boosts are temporary, but they can really help speed up your gold income. Some of the boosts are even instant, like the ones that give you hours worth of income instantly. These are more helpful the minigames!

Prestige sooner than later!

Activing Prestige will reset all of your progress, but you’ll keep permanent perks, stats, and achievements. You’ll need a minimum of 25 forges before you can do this, and you’ll get better selling prices the more you have.

These selling prices are permanent by the way, so the more you prestige, the better everything will get! Try to do it sooner than later so that you can reap the benefits right away and start off towards the next prestige with better prices.

That’s all for ForgeCraft! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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