In Football Seasons, we already know that earning credits is really difficult, but there is one way to do it: earning free credits by sharing your code with others and either bringing in new players or using codes of other players to earn some free credits.

Therefore, I have decided to create this article where we will all share our Football Seasons codes and hopefully get a ton of free credits in the process. I will start with my code for Football Seasons and I really hope you’ll add it – as well as all the other player codes that will be posted here. So here’s my code:



In order to find your code, tap the “Earn” button in the main menu. In order to earn 50 credits from a code, simply insert the code (other than yours) in the same “Earn” section and you’re all set.

Don’t forget, therefore, to add the code above and post yours so that others will add you! Finally, if you want to become an expert at playing the game, check out our Football Seasons tips and tricks.




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