The ultimate NFL mobile experience goes online! Football Heroes Pro Online is an action-packed football game featuring your favorite NFL players. Draft players from different teams, create the ultimate dream NFL team, and take on the world in head-to-head competitive online play! Our Football Heroes Pro Online cheats and tips will start your career off just right!

There’s lots to do in the world of NFL, so let’s get started with our Football Heroes Pro Online cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Tap rapidly for fast shoving!

Taping performs a shove while swiping does a tackle. You want to try to save tackling for when you’re absolutely sure that you’ll hit, you usually only get one chance at tackling. Shoving, however, is so good that you’ll be using it most of the time. Shoving deals a decent amount of damage while having very short recovery time. Tap rapidly and you’ll be able to take down anyone and we mean ANYONE!

Just keep in mind that you’re not invincible while you’re doing it so if you get swarmed that’s probably the end of you run! The trick is to try to take out individual targets one by one. If you can manage that, you should be able to pave a way to a touchdown.

Take control of your team!

You can enable auto-play by tapping the play button at the top left corner of the screen during a game. While this leaves a lot of the hard work to the AI, it’s usually better to take manual control of your team – plus it’s more fun! You see, each player that you’re manually controlling earns experience points as they perform good techniques. You’ll earn experience for spin dodging, tackling, shoving down opponents, and you can even get combo bonuses if you do these cool things in succession. More experience means stronger players!

Level up your players!

Be sure to save your coins for leveling up your players. Once a player has earned enough experience points, you can spend coins on them to level them up which boosts their stats quite a bit. This is the main method of powering up your players, so be sure to do it as often as you can. It’s important to note that players will NOT earn experience if they’ve hit their cap and are waiting to level up.

Read up on skills!

Certain players will gain special skills as they power up. These skills, as you learned in the tutorial, are activated during games and grant the player temporary effects. You won’t really know what these do unless you can guess by the skill’s icon or if you read up on them. In between matches be sure to look at your favorite players’ skills to make sure what they actually do. Using them at the right moment can mean the difference between a victory or loss!

Save your Hero Cash!

Hero Cash is the premium currency of the game, and it’s somewhat hard to come by. You’ll earn some every time you win a match and level up your players. When it comes to buying new players, you have three options to choose from: a single pack, which costs 400 hero cash, four packs at 1,440 hero cash, and eight packs at 2,550 hero cash. You should NEVER buy the single or four pack bundles – the eight pack is essentially 20% off at 2,550 hero cash. Considering that all the packs have the same pool of cards to pull from, it’s much more efficient to save up for the eight pack.

Switch up your game plans!

Try not to run the same play twice in a row. We’re not sure if this matters when you’re playing against the computer, but it’s important against real human players. Switch up your plays between turns to stay unpredictable. Using the same kind of play in a row might let your opponent get one step ahead of you, so be careful!

That’s all for Football Heroes Pro Online! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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